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3 Replies and 1410 Views Linux USB Support  1410  3 Started by  Deleted User Hello folks, did anyone get the USB ports up&running using Linux I tried, but failed. The problems: a) usb is disabled after applying the linux-2.6.16-mx31-lite1.patch (it adds a skeleton usb_lite.c file with just enough to compile) b) after enabeling the USB-code for the ADS board again my system says initializing FSL-SOC USB Controller usbh1_init&58; grab H1 pins USB_CLK=49410000, should be 60MHz fsl-ehci fsl-ehci&46;0&58; init fsl-ehci&46;0 fail, -19 usbh1_uninit&58; c) to solve...
3 1410
by  zonqueJump to last post
31 May 2007 06:24 PM
1 Replies and 1139 Views Is it okay to run module on one 3.3V supply?  1139  1 Started by  OradFarez Hello. Is it okay to use just one 3.3V supply I would imagine that 3.3V on the battery input plus the 3.3V "legacy" input connected together should work okay. The voltage would go through the 20 milliohm resistor to get to VIN. Would that be okay or is there a better way Do I need to populate the charging circuit in order to increase my options I'm planning on using a supercap for the 3.3V_uP_BATT so it's connection is separate. Thank you for your help.
1 1139
by  OradFarezJump to last post
30 May 2007 09:04 AM
2 Replies and 1196 Views jtag support?  1196  2 Started by  AndyWoetzel hi, i would like to know if it is possible to replace the logicloader with a custom bootloader (eboot, for testing purposes) using the jtag-port is there any software to burn the bootloader image into flash over jtag (the image is in *.bin format) Thanks, Andy
2 1196
by  wsteringJump to last post
30 May 2007 07:13 AM
0 Replies and 1423 Views 24-bit TFT panel support  1423  0 Started by  Gadeberg Hello, does anybody have experience in driving a (dumb) 24-bit TFT panels with the i.MX31 Supposedly it should be able to output 3x8-bit (RGB separately), and it would then need some external HW to collect the 3x8-bit to 1x24-bit to be sent on to the display. Any knowledge in this respect would be useful!
0 1423
30 May 2007 06:17 AM
2 Replies and 1562 Views NAND recovery of bad blocks  1562  2 Started by  randyc When I first got my litekit, it never complained about bad blocks in the Nand area. Now, every time I use it I see: yaffs: 68 blocks are marked by manufacturer as bad and NAND device: Manufacturer ID: 0x20, Chip ID: 0x76 (ST Micro NAND 64MiB 3,3V 8-bit) Scanning device for bad blocks Bad eraseblock 5 at 0x00014000 Bad eraseblock 7 at 0x0001c000 Bad eraseblock 9 at 0x00024000 and so on, until I presume all 68 blocks are listed. Is there some way to recover/reset this spac...
2 1562
by  randycJump to last post
25 May 2007 08:24 AM
2 Replies and 1233 Views Questions about kit  1233  2 Started by  OradFarez Hello. I imagine anyone who has purchased a kit/module can answer this for me. - Does the MIMX31CSOM module come with the i.MX31 or i.MX31L chip I really want to have access to the 3D core for my purposes. - If I buy just the module, do I still have access to all the resources and downloads membership provides or is that only for people who buy the full kit Thank you!
2 1233
by  OradFarezJump to last post
24 May 2007 08:04 AM
0 Replies and 1288 Views rube linux questions using litekit  1288  0 Started by  randyc In hoping to solve my kernel issues, I'd like to use the SD or Compact Flash cards to hold the rootfs of Linux. Unfortunately, I am having three issues that a linux amateur like me can't figure out. one - how do I get the litekit to see the SD card I preformatted the card using a different linux box and put an ext3 file system on there. Is that the right thing to do Is there some driver I should turn on when I compile the kernel two - same thing but compact flash. Not sure what to do, ...
0 1288
21 May 2007 09:06 AM
1 Replies and 1231 Views power consumption and input voltage range  1231  1 Started by  tc What is the power consumption of the the i.MX31 Litekit (including the SOM) What is the input voltage range of the i.MX31 Litekit What is the weight of the i.MX31 Litekit (including the SOM and the extension breakout board) Thanks, tc
1 1231
by  tcJump to last post
17 May 2007 12:42 PM
2 Replies and 1255 Views LITEKIT rev-5 changes to sheet-7 (LCD)  1255  2 Started by  steve I've been running through the LITEKIT rev-5 changes to check effects on our design at the same time nearly ready to start interfacing a different LCD panel (simlilar VGA-TFT). I see the new 22ohm R arrays on signals between the buffers and panel. Were these mainly for signal rolloff, improved EMI, etc., or was there another goal I'll be using a standard 3.3v panel, so not sure of the need. For rolloff of hi-speed stuff, I would normally use a 10ohm. Thanks for any tips - Steve
2 1255
by  steveJump to last post
10 May 2007 06:08 AM
2 Replies and 1271 Views WEIM buffer control signals  1271  2 Started by  Deleted User Hi all, the i.MX31 SOM is equipped with 3 buffers Philips 74ALVC164245. Their control signals are driven by 1.8V-powered logic but datasheet says: "Control inputs voltage range from 2.7 V to 5.5 V" so it seems the voltage swing is not compatible. Am I missing something Thanks in advance.
2 1271
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
09 May 2007 09:03 AM
12 Replies and 1293 Views losh problems  1293  12 Started by  PaulChristensen The initial losh image is missing the registers for customizing the display settings. When is the update for this going to be released Paul
12 1293
by  motraatJump to last post
04 May 2007 08:34 AM
1 Replies and 1278 Views Chip Select 3  1278  1 Started by  Deleted User I am using the below code to configure CS3 to talk to a Xilinx Spartan3 FPGA nad I am seeing no chip select generated .set CSP_BASE_REG_PA_WEIM, 0xB8002000 //FPGA ord4 0xb8002030p = 0x00000E80 //CSCR3U ord4 0xb8002034p = 0x85850501 //CSCR3L - POR value ord4 0xb8002038p = 0x85850030 //CSCR3A //Configure CS4 for DTACK ord4 0x43FAC0E8p = 0x12121226
1 1278
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
30 Apr 2007 03:43 PM
1 Replies and 1235 Views hello world doesn't work!!  1235  1 Started by  Pixel Hi friends!! I am with litekit imx31 with LoLo.... We have a lot of problems... we would like to put a Linux inside but for the moment it's really impossible... In my SuSe I install de linux for freescale ADS and everythink works fine.... Then when I try to apply the patch that someone tell in this forum I see that the actual version of Linux in freescale web page isn't the same... So the patching give thousands of errors.... Some body can tell us how patch correctly the system: what is th...
1 1235
by  OradFarezJump to last post
19 Apr 2007 01:16 PM
2 Replies and 1412 Views LogicLoader Command Description Manual  1412  2 Started by  blb The LogicLoader user manual refers to a Command Description Manual that is available from the download page at I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know if this manual exists If so where might I find it Thanks!, blb
2 1412
by  blbJump to last post
18 Apr 2007 08:24 AM
6 Replies and 1287 Views PMIC_PWRRDY signal in schematic  1287  6 Started by  gtridilbert The i.MX31 SOM schematic (shown as "9/1/2006" on the downloads page, but indicating "August 1, 2005" in the date field of the schematic) has an oddity concerning the signal PMIC_PWRRDY. On Sheet 12 of 14 of the schematic, PMIC_PWRRDY is mapped to GPIO3_0 of the i.MX31. However, Section 4.5.1 of Freescale's "MCIMX31 and MCIMX31L Applications Processors Reference Manual (Rev 2.3 1/2007)" indicates that GPIO1_5 is the Power Ready input. Is Freescale's Reference Manu...
6 1287
by  gtridilbertJump to last post
09 Apr 2007 10:20 AM
6 Replies and 1242 Views Complete schematic  1242  6 Started by  Deleted User Are the complete schematic and design files for System On Modules available And what price
6 1242
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
06 Apr 2007 03:09 AM
2 Replies and 1348 Views Question about DDR signal routing  1348  2 Started by  OradFarez Now that new schematics and gerber files have been posted, I noticed that the major change was to the DDR SDRAM signal interface. I was wondering if this huge change really helped signal integrity alot or was the best result from using production memory over the pre-production memory you were using before The reason I ask is that the IMXLITE kit is great for prototyping, but I have to design my own board for production. Any chance you have links to good DDR RAM layout guidelines I cannot f...
2 1348
by  OradFarezJump to last post
03 Apr 2007 04:10 AM
1 Replies and 1273 Views Windows CE BSP boot parameter string for MX31 LoCE  1273  1 Started by  TimJohns I’m trying to boot Windows CE 5.0 using the LoCE BSP, from LogicLoader 2.3.1-IMX31_10 0001 on the MCIMX31LITEKIT, and I would like to know what boot parameter string to use to enable debug output on the UART to the DB-9 serial port connector, and KITL on Ethernet. This is a headless system with no display. I looked in the LoCE BSP User’s Manual and Quickstart Guide, as well as the LITEKIT User’s Manual and Quickstart Guide and the LogicLoader User’s Manual, but still need some details. I beli...
1 1273
by  TimJohnsJump to last post
22 Mar 2007 04:20 PM
5 Replies and 1238 Views Software Development  1238  5 Started by  jamesradix Hi, Your website clearly states GNU toolchain available and included. Are you saying this is not true So, how does one develop software for this board
5 1238
by  motraatJump to last post
13 Mar 2007 03:15 AM
0 Replies and 1305 Views LCD panels > VGA res  1305  0 Started by  steve Has LPD (or anyone else) tried any testing on small panels larger than VGA res We are looking at a 4.3" 800x480 TFT (similar tft timing as the smaller Sharp VGA panels), but I see a few performance issues with VGA panels on the iMX site. We are waiting on the next iMX hardware, and are using the PXA Zoom for development until then. The iMX spec covers > 800x480, but just wondering if that will be a performance problem in the BSP or on the SOM Anyone have a data or experience for that ...
0 1305
08 Mar 2007 01:44 PM
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