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  DateTitle NoteSize

Product Information

 1/24/2023START HERE -- SUPPORT SERVICES OVERVIEWProduct Information13431343pdf Rev B .pdf103 Kb-12
 9/5/2023i.MX 8M Mini Nano SOM Family Product BriefProduct Information32523252pdf RevD .pdf1.1 Mb-15

Product Change Notification

 12/31/2020i.MX 8M Mini Nano Development Kit ErrataProduct Change Notification33343334pdf Note .pdf104 Kb0 
 10/19/2023i.MX 8M Mini Nano Development Kit PCNProduct Change Notification34703470pdf Rev A .pdf256 Kb0 
 6/6/2022i.MX 8M Mini Nano SOM PCNProduct Change Notification33883388pdf Rev A .pdf241 Kb0 
 9/15/2020All SOM Products - Product Change NotificationProduct Change Notification32443244pdf Rev B .pdf274 Kb-11

Hardware Documents

 2/8/2022i.MX 8M Mini Nano SOM Hardware SpecificationHardware Documents32973297pdf Rev B .pdf1.7 Mb0 

Hardware Design Files

 10/26/2022SOMIMX8MMQ-11-1BD0SMIR-A HW Design FilesHardware Design Files34033403zip Note .zip1.5 Mb0 
 10/26/2022SOMIMX8MMQ-11-1BE4SMIR-A HW Design FilesHardware Design Files33663366zip Note .zip1.5 Mb01
 10/26/2022SOMIMX8MMQ-11-2AE4SMCR-A HW Design FilesHardware Design Files33673367zip Note .zip1.5 Mb01
 11/7/2022SOMIMX8MNS-11-29C0DMCR-A HW Design FilesHardware Design Files33683368zip Note .zip1.5 Mb01
 10/15/2020i.MX 8M Mini Nano SOM Mechanical DrawingHardware Design Files33073307pdf Rev A .pdf135 Kb03
 11/3/2020i.MX 8M Mini Nano Development Kit Hardware Design FilesHardware Design Files32703270zip Note .zip7.6 Mb06
 6/14/2021i.MX 8M Mini Nano SOM 3-D Model Files for PCB1030542A (SolidWorks 2019 & STEP) 3-D Model FilesHardware Design Files33643364zip Rev A .zip26.9 Mb08
 11/3/2020LCD-7.0-WVGA-10 Hardware Design FilesHardware Design Files33143314zip Note .zip2.4 Mb09

User Manuals

 8/12/2021i.MX 8M Mini Nano Development Kit Quick Start GuideUser Manuals32673267pdf Rev A .pdf2.6 Mb0 
 11/2/2020i.MX 8M Mini Nano Development Kit User GuideUser Manuals32683268pdf Rev A .pdf2.1 Mb0 

Application Notes

 9/22/2020AN 621 Selecting and Using GPIO Signals within Linux on the i.MX8 Mini-Nano SOMsApplication Notes33023302pdf Rev A .pdf254 Kb0 
 6/17/2021AN 622 i.MX 8M Mini-Nano Using Yocto to Build HAB ImageApplication Notes33653365pdf Rev A .pdf427 Kb0 
 2/8/2022AN623 Regulatory and Certification GuidelinesApplication Notes33823382pdf Rev A .pdf144 Kb0 

White Papers

 11/14/2023WP 293 Model Number Explanation & DecoderWhite Papers13781378pdf Rev Q .pdf349 Kb-15


 3/4/2021i.MX 8M Mini Nano Android BSP Release NotesAndroid33383338txt 1.0-1 .txt12 Kb0 
 12/18/2020i.MX 8M Mini Nano Android BSP Source Patch FilesAndroid33223322bz2 1.0-1 .bz240.5 Mb0 
 12/18/2020i.MX 8M Mini Nano Android BSP SQA ProtocolAndroid33233323pdf 1.0-1 .pdf1.7 Mb0 
 12/18/2020i.MX 8M Mini Nano Android BSP SQA ReportAndroid33283328pdf 1.0-1 .pdf5.7 Mb0 
 12/18/2020i.MX 8M Nano Android Binary ImageAndroid33323332bz2 1.0-1 .bz2228 bytes0 
 12/18/2020i.MX 8M Mini Android Binary ImageAndroid33253325bz2 1.0-1 .bz2228 bytes06


 8/25/2022i.MX 8M Mini Nano YOCTO Linux BSP ImagesLinux32713271zip 2.0-1 .zip308 bytes0 
 8/23/2022i.MX 8M Mini Nano YOCTO Linux BSP License InformationLinux32913291pdf 2.0-1 .pdf1.5 Mb0 
 8/23/2022i.MX 8M Mini Nano YOCTO Linux BSP Release NotesLinux32903290txt 2.0-1 .txt5 Kb0 
 8/23/2022i.MX 8M Mini Nano YOCTO Linux BSP Test ResultsLinux32923292pdf 2.0-1 .pdf6.3 Mb0 
 8/31/2022i.MX 8M Mini Nano YOCTO Linux BSP User GuideLinux32763276zip 2.0-1 .zip2.9 Mb0 
 8/23/2022i.MX 8M Mini Nano YOCTO Linux Software Test ProtocolLinux33723372pdf 2.0-1 .pdf3.3 Mb02
 6/11/2021VirtualBox VM for the i.MX 8M Mini Nano YOCTO Linux BSP ApplianceLinux33633363ova Rev 1 .ova73 bytes05
 6/11/2021VirtualBox VM for the i.MX 8M Mini Nano YOCTO Linux BSP READMELinux33623362txt Rev 1 .txt6 Kb05
 6/7/2023Ubuntu 18.04 Docker Image SDK for the YOCTO Linux BSPLinux32943294zip 2.1 .zip7 Kb09

Software Development Tools

 11/13/2009Tera TermSoftware Development Tools14201420zip v4.63 .zip7.0 Mb-15
 10/20/2020Wattson (Linux Version)Software Development Tools14181418gz v2.0.2 2.gz138.7 Mb05
 10/20/2020Wattson (Windows Version)Software Development Tools14161416zip v2.0.2 .zip46.3 Mb05

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