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Product Information

 8/23/2011START HERE -- OMAP35x TORPEDO DOCUMENTATION OVERVIEWProduct Information980980pdf Rev A .pdf57 Kb-11
 1/24/2023START HERE -- SUPPORT SERVICES OVERVIEWProduct Information13431343pdf Rev B .pdf103 Kb-12
 12/12/2017OMAP35x Torpedo SOM Product BriefProduct Information978978pdf Rev H .pdf1.2 Mb-14
 5/1/2014Zoom OMAP35x Torpedo Development Kit Product BriefProduct Information979979pdf Rev E .pdf122 Kb-15
 5/7/2010OMAP35x Linux BSP Product BriefProduct Information14491449pdf Rev A .pdf96 Kb-16
 1/12/2010OMAP35x Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP Product BriefProduct Information14471447pdf Rev A .pdf288 Kb-16
 12/20/2006LogicLoader BriefProduct Information14511451pdf Rev H .pdf72 Kb-17

Product Change Notification

 9/15/2020All SOM Products - Product Change NotificationProduct Change Notification32443244pdf Rev B .pdf274 Kb-11
 3/12/2014OMAP35x -21 Torpedo SOM End of Life NotificationProduct Change Notification28822882pdf Rev A .pdf30 Kb-11
 7/16/2010OMAP35x -20 Torpedo SOM End of Life NotificationProduct Change Notification976976pdf Rev C .pdf99 Kb-12
 2/1/2012OMAP35x Torpedo SOM ErrataProduct Change Notification977977pdf Note .pdf33 Kb02
 4/13/2015OMAP35x Torpedo SOM Product Change NotificationProduct Change Notification973973pdf Rev K .pdf234 Kb-13
 7/1/2010OMAP35x Torpedo Development Kit ErrataProduct Change Notification974974pdf Note .pdf187 Kb04
 12/15/2011OMAP35x Torpedo Development Kit Product Change NotificationProduct Change Notification975975pdf Rev D .pdf104 Kb05
 4/9/2015Zoom OMAP35x Torpedo Development Kit End of Life NotificationProduct Change Notification29832983pdf A .pdf62 Kb-15

Hardware Documents

 1/24/2014OMAP35x Torpedo SOM Hardware SpecificationHardware Documents971971pdf Rev E .pdf1.1 Mb-1 

Hardware Design Files

 2/8/2012OMAP35x Torpedo Development Kit Hardware Design FilesHardware Design Files967967zip Note .zip2.3 Mb01
 5/28/2013SOMOMAP3503-21-1670AGCR HW Design FilesHardware Design Files968968zip Note .zip339 Kb05
 5/28/2013SOMOMAP3530-21-1670AGCR HW Design FilesHardware Design Files970970zip Note .zip340 Kb05
 12/30/2014SOMOMAP3530-21-1780AGIR HW Design FilesHardware Design Files969969zip Note .zip296 Kb05
 8/1/2011Torpedo SOM 3-D Model Files (SolidWorks & STEP)Hardware Design Files966966zip Note .zip4.8 Mb-16
 7/22/2011SOM Clip Drawings and 3D-Model FilesHardware Design Files13441344zip Note .zip134 Kb-199

User Manuals

 1/6/2010OMAP35x Torpedo Development Kit QuickStart GuideUser Manuals982982pdf Rev C .pdf1.6 Mb-199
 12/15/2011OMAP35x Torpedo Development Kit User ManualUser Manuals983983pdf Rev D .pdf892 Kb-199

Application Notes

 10/24/2017AN 596 Logic PD Development Kit Camera Module Selection and IntegrationApplication Notes31613161pdf Rev B .pdf297 Kb-14
 1/8/2009AN 161 Interfacing LCDs to Logic's Development KitsApplication Notes14931493pdf Rev B .pdf277 Kb-15
 7/22/2005AN 298 Integrating Custom Displays with LogicLoaderApplication Notes14951495pdf Rev B .pdf330 Kb-15
 9/7/2006AN 339 LogicLoader Configuration Block UsageApplication Notes14971497pdf Rev A .pdf63 Kb-15
 2/8/2010AN 412 Building Linux from Scratch for the OMAP35xApplication Notes11101110pdf Rev A .pdf457 Kb-15
 10/4/2013AN 416 OMAP35x Torpedo SOM Power ManagementApplication Notes964964pdf Rev D .pdf121 Kb-15
 12/12/2013AN 417 OMAP35x Torpedo SOM Design ChecklistApplication Notes965965pdf Rev I .pdf171 Kb-15
 10/4/2013AN 421 Selecting and Using GPIO Signals on OMAP35x SOMsApplication Notes11111111pdf Rev C .pdf483 Kb-15
 10/4/2013AN 460 Using X-Loader with the OMAP35x Linux BSPApplication Notes11121112pdf Rev B .pdf105 Kb-15
 10/4/2013AN 462 OMAP35x OLED Display IntegrationApplication Notes11131113pdf Rev B .pdf184 Kb-15
 4/8/2011AN 465 OMAP35x CCSv4 Hello World Sample ApplicationApplication Notes11141114pdf Rev A .pdf449 Kb-15
 11/28/2012AN 495 OMAP35x to DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM MigrationApplication Notes587587pdf Rev D .pdf130 Kb-15
 8/17/2012AN 502 LVDS Display Integration with the AM3517, OMAP35x, & DM3730 Development KitsApplication Notes13671367pdf Rev B .pdf969 Kb-15
 11/28/2012AN 503 OMAP35x and DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM to DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo + Wireless SOM MigrationApplication Notes641641pdf Rev D .pdf161 Kb-15
 1/23/2019AN 504 OMAP35x SOM Programming for End-Product ManufacturingApplication Notes11671167zip Rev C .zip99.1 Mb05
 4/26/2013AN 568 OMAP35x SOM Pre-RMA Testing ProcedureApplication Notes11151115zip Rev A .zip8.0 Mb05

White Papers

 9/24/2004WP 258 Using a Hive RegistryWhite Papers14981498pdf Rev A .pdf182 Kb-15
 11/14/2023WP 293 Model Number Explanation & DecoderWhite Papers13781378pdf Rev Q .pdf349 Kb-15
 12/15/2011WP 419 Torpedo SOM Mechanical Hold-Down ScenariosWhite Papers984984pdf Rev C .pdf472 Kb-15
 4/6/2010WP 436 OMAP35x Torpedo SOM Radiated Emissions ScanWhite Papers985985pdf Rev A .pdf140 Kb-15
 12/15/2011WP 439 OMAP35x Torpedo SOM Retention TestingWhite Papers986986pdf Rev B .pdf2.0 Mb-15
 2/22/2011WP 467 OMAP35x Torpedo SOM Thermal ManagementWhite Papers987987pdf Rev A .pdf861 Kb05


 3/23/2011LogicLoader User Manual (LoLo Ver. 2.4)LogicLoader14551455pdf Rev C .pdf454 Kb-11
 2/16/2010OMAP35x Torpedo SOM LogicLoader User Manual AddendumLogicLoader972972pdf Rev A .pdf192 Kb-12
 3/23/2011LogicLoader Command Description Manual (LoLo Ver. 2.4)LogicLoader14581458pdf Rev C .pdf297 Kb-13
 12/18/2009OMAP35x LogicLoader LabsLogicLoader14521452pdf Rev C .pdf2.0 Mb-14
 12/26/2017LogicLoader for the OMAP35x Torpedo SOMLogicLoader14621462zip Note .zip3.1 Mb05
 12/21/2010NAND Flash Recovery for OMAP35x Torpedo SOMLogicLoader981981zip Note .zip619 Kb06


 4/22/2011OMAP35x Android Demo & Getting Started GuideAndroid15011501zip Rev A .zip51.6 Mb-199


 2/28/2014OMAP35x Linux BSP User GuideLinux15021502pdf Rev B .pdf1.9 Mb-11
 10/15/2010OMAP35x Torpedo Linux Demo ImageLinux15041504zip v2.1 .zip43.5 Mb02
 11/22/2011OMAP35x Linux BSP Release NotesLinux15081508txt v2.1 .txt15 Kb-13
 10/15/2010OMAP35x Torpedo Linux Demo Image Patch SetLinux15091509zip v2.1 .zip83.1 Mb05

Windows CE

 6/6/2011OMAP35x Windows CE 6.0 BSP User ManualWindows CE14721472pdf Rev D .pdf4.1 Mb-11
 3/19/2012OMAP35x Windows CE 6.0 BSP SourceWindows CE14761476zip v2.1.1 .zip11 bytes02
 3/19/2012OMAP35x Windows CE 6.0 BSP Release NotesWindows CE14911491txt v2.1.1 .txt36 Kb-13
 7/16/2013OMAP35x Windows CE 6.0 BSP ApplicationsWindows CE14901490zip v2.x.x .zip8 Kb04
 2/20/2009OMAP35x Windows CE 6.0 BSP LabsWindows CE15291529zip Rev A .zip12.5 Mb07
 9/6/2013Windows CE 6.0 Pre-Built SD Image for OMAP35x Torpedo SOMWindows CE27702770zip v1.1.0 .zip11.8 Mb07

Software Development Tools

 8/29/2013HP USB Disk Storage Format ToolSoftware Development Tools27602760zip v2.0.6 .zip368 Kb-15
 4/8/2011OMAP35x 'Hello World' Sample Application for CCSv4Software Development Tools14991499zip Rev A .zip310 Kb-15
 1/10/2012OMAP35x Pin Mux FilesSoftware Development Tools11381138zip Rev A .zip42 Kb05
 7/5/2013OMAP35x SOM Win32 GPIO Sample ApplicationSoftware Development Tools11371137zip Rev A .zip1.8 Mb05
 12/7/2005Raw Binary File Assembler ApplicationSoftware Development Tools15131513zip Note .zip20 Kb05
 11/13/2009Tera TermSoftware Development Tools14201420zip v4.63 .zip7.0 Mb-15
 10/20/2020Wattson (Linux Version)Software Development Tools14181418gz v2.0.2 2.gz138.7 Mb05
 10/20/2020Wattson (Windows Version)Software Development Tools14161416zip v2.0.2 .zip46.3 Mb05

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