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  DateTitle NoteSize

Product Information

 4/17/2009i.MX31 SOM-LV Product BriefProduct Information12361236pdf Rev J .pdf217 Kb-11
 12/21/2007i.MX LITEKIT Product BriefProduct Information12371237pdf Rev I .pdf179 Kb-12
 12/20/2006LogicLoader BriefProduct Information14511451pdf Rev H .pdf72 Kb-17
 6/19/2014Zoom 4.3 WQVGA Display Kit BriefProduct Information15501550pdf Rev A .pdf121 Kb-18
 11/20/2006i.MX31 ADS and i.MX31 LITEKIT Comparison ChartProduct Information12391239pdf Rev B .pdf42 Kb-199

Product Change Notification

 2/18/2013i.MX31 SOM-LV End of Life NotificationProduct Change Notification12341234pdf Rev A .pdf28 Kb-11
 5/4/2015i.MX31 SOM-LV End of Life Notification IIProduct Change Notification29902990pdf Rev A .pdf18 Kb-11
 8/16/2011i.MX31 SOM-LV Product Change NotificationProduct Change Notification12331233pdf Rev M .pdf382 Kb02
 2/18/2013i.MX31 LITEKIT End of Life NotificationProduct Change Notification12351235pdf Rev A .pdf27 Kb-13
 6/11/2010i.MX LITEKIT Product Change NotificationProduct Change Notification12321232pdf Rev D .pdf366 Kb04

Hardware Documents

 3/26/2009i.MX31 SOM-LV Hardware SpecificationHardware Documents12291229pdf Rev G .pdf567 Kb-199

Hardware Design Files

 10/3/2007i.MX31 SOM LayoutHardware Design Files12761276pdf Note .pdf2.4 Mb01
 6/24/2008i.MX31 SOM-LV BOMHardware Design Files12801280pdf Note .pdf33 Kb02
 8/30/2011i.MX31 SOM-LV BOM (X-Temp)Hardware Design Files12861286pdf Note .pdf243 Kb02
 6/24/2008i.MX31 SOM-LV SchematicHardware Design Files12871287pdf Rev 11 .pdf254 Kb03
 3/4/2009i.MX31 SOM-LV SolidWorks 3-D Model FilesHardware Design Files12931293zip Rev A .zip29.4 Mb-14
 3/26/2009i.MX31 SOM-LV Mechanical DrawingHardware Design Files12941294pdf Rev B .pdf97 Kb-15
 12/19/2007i.MX LITEKIT Baseboard Layout ( .pdf )Hardware Design Files13091309pdf Note .pdf1.3 Mb06
 12/19/2007i.MX LITEKIT Baseboard Layout (.MAX )Hardware Design Files13141314MAX Note .MAX1.2 Mb06
 12/19/2007i.MX LITEKIT Baseboard BOMHardware Design Files13061306pdf Note .pdf29 Kb-17
 3/11/2014i.MX LITEKIT Baseboard Schematic ( .pdf )Hardware Design Files12961296pdf Rev B .pdf142 Kb08
 10/8/2008i.MX LITEKIT Baseboard Schematic (.dsn)Hardware Design Files13011301DSN Rev B .DSN1.6 Mb08
 4/14/2009High-Density Expansion Header Breakout Board BOM, Schematic, and LayoutHardware Design Files16691669zip Note .zip1.6 Mb09

User Manuals

 6/19/2008i.MX LITEKIT QuickStart GuideUser Manuals12411241pdf Rev E .pdf1.1 Mb-11
 11/3/2008i.MX LITEKIT Users ManualUser Manuals12421242pdf Rev C .pdf1.5 Mb-12
 4/27/2009Zoom Display Kit QuickStart Guide (3.6, 6.4, & 12.1)User Manuals16711671pdf Rev J .pdf1.8 Mb-18

Application Notes

 1/8/2009AN 161 Interfacing LCDs to Logic's Development KitsApplication Notes14931493pdf Rev B .pdf277 Kb-15
 12/7/2007AN 296 When to Use an NK.binApplication Notes16601660pdf Rev B .pdf80 Kb-15
 7/22/2005AN 298 Integrating Custom Displays with LogicLoaderApplication Notes14951495pdf Rev B .pdf330 Kb-15
 9/7/2006AN 339 LogicLoader Configuration Block UsageApplication Notes14971497pdf Rev A .pdf63 Kb-15
 12/28/2007AN 353 i.MX31 SOM WinCE Power ManagementApplication Notes12261226pdf Rev A .pdf76 Kb-15
 1/6/2009AN 359 i.MX31 SOM-LV GPIO UsageApplication Notes12281228pdf Rev A .pdf139 Kb-15
 10/27/2008AN 375 SOM-LV Migration GuideApplication Notes11071107pdf Rev A .pdf696 Kb-15
 11/12/2008AN 390 Methods for Loading Custom Software on the i.MX SOM-LVs in ManufacturingApplication Notes12271227pdf Rev A .pdf315 Kb-15
 10/22/2012AN 496 OMAP35x to DM3730 - AM3703 SOM-LV MigrationApplication Notes697697pdf Rev C .pdf105 Kb-15
 5/15/2015AN 608 i.MX31 to AM3703 - DM3730 SOM-LV Comparison GuideApplication Notes29952995pdf Rev A .pdf298 Kb-15

White Papers

 9/24/2004WP 258 Using a Hive RegistryWhite Papers14981498pdf Rev A .pdf182 Kb-15
 11/14/2023WP 293 Model Number Explanation & DecoderWhite Papers13781378pdf Rev Q .pdf349 Kb-15
 1/24/2006WP 312 USB Flash Drive Usage with Windows CEWhite Papers16611661pdf Rev A .pdf32 Kb-15
 3/26/2009WP 340 SOM-LV Mechanical Interface SpecificationWhite Papers11481148pdf Rev D .pdf366 Kb-15
 8/9/2010WP 382 i.MX31 SOM-LV Radiated Emissions ScanWhite Papers12431243pdf Rev B .pdf477 Kb-15
 4/28/2011WP 482 SOM-LV Insertion and Extraction ProcedureWhite Papers11451145pdf Rev A .pdf455 Kb-15


 7/31/2007LogicLoader User Manual (LoLo Ver. 2.3)LogicLoader15511551pdf Rev O .pdf327 Kb-11
 3/23/2011LogicLoader User Manual (LoLo Ver. 2.4)LogicLoader14551455pdf Rev C .pdf454 Kb-11
 7/2/2008i.MX31 LogicLoader User Manual AddendumLogicLoader12301230pdf Rev C .pdf72 Kb-12
 7/31/2007LogicLoader Command Description Manual (LoLo Ver. 2.3)LogicLoader15571557pdf Rev E .pdf207 Kb-12
 3/23/2011LogicLoader Command Description Manual (LoLo Ver. 2.4)LogicLoader14581458pdf Rev C .pdf297 Kb-13
 5/2/2008i.MX31 LogicLoader LabsLogicLoader12311231pdf Rev A .pdf1.7 Mb04
 1/5/2011LogicLoader for the i.MX31-10 SOMLogicLoader15601560zip Note .zip949 Kb05


 7/30/2013Link to Timesys LinuxLink Software WebpageLinux16631663 link  0 bytes-11

Windows CE Documents

 7/3/2007Zoom Development Kit Windows CE 5.0 Evaluation GuideWindows CE Documents15781578pdf Rev F .pdf387 Kb01
 1/15/2007LoCE Windows CE 5.0 BSP QuickStart GuideWindows CE Documents15791579pdf Rev H .pdf480 Kb02
 11/16/2007LoCE Windows CE 5.0 BSP User GuideWindows CE Documents15801580pdf Rev H .pdf1.7 Mb02
 11/16/2007i.MX31-10 LoCE Windows CE 5.0 User Guide AddendumWindows CE Documents15811581pdf Rev A .pdf158 Kb03
 12/12/2005LoCE Windows CE lpd_yaffs Driver DescriptionWindows CE Documents15831583pdf Rev B .pdf91 Kb05
 6/23/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31 IPU Driver DescriptionWindows CE Documents15851585pdf Rev A .pdf77 Kb05
 6/23/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31 SDHC Driver DescriptionWindows CE Documents15861586pdf Rev A .pdf83 Kb05
 6/23/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31 UART Driver DescriptionWindows CE Documents15871587pdf Rev A .pdf85 Kb05
 6/23/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31 USB Function Driver DescriptionWindows CE Documents15881588pdf Rev A .pdf77 Kb05
 8/26/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 Ethernet Driver DescriptionWindows CE Documents15891589pdf Rev A .pdf79 Kb05
 8/26/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 PCMCIA Driver DescriptionWindows CE Documents15901590pdf Rev A .pdf71 Kb05
 8/26/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 PMIC Driver DescriptionWindows CE Documents15911591pdf Rev A .pdf97 Kb05
 8/26/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 Touch Driver DescriptionWindows CE Documents15921592pdf Rev A .pdf73 Kb05
 8/26/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 USB Host2 Driver DescriptionWindows CE Documents15931593pdf Rev A .pdf74 Kb05
 8/26/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 VFP Module Driver DescriptionWindows CE Documents15941594pdf Rev A .pdf86 Kb05
 8/26/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 YAFFS NAND File System Driver DescriptionWindows CE Documents15951595pdf Rev A .pdf107 Kb05

Windows CE

 6/12/2009i.MX31 Windows CE 6.0 BSP LabsWindows CE15711571zip Rev A .zip12.9 Mb02
 6/12/2009i.MX31 Windows CE 6.0 Source BSPWindows CE15721572zip Note .zip27.4 Mb-45
 3/7/2008WinCE 5.0 Development Image for the i.MX31-10 SOMWindows CE15741574zip Note .zip11.6 Mb05
 3/7/2008WinCE 5.0 Sample Evaluation Image for the iMX31-10 SOMWindows CE15761576zip Note .zip15.6 Mb05

Windows CE BSP Components

 10/24/2008WinCE BSP License AgreementWindows CE BSP Components15971597pdf Note .pdf50 Kb-11
 12/12/2006WinCE 5.0 SOM Base BSPWindows CE BSP Components15991599zip Note .zip317 Kb02
 3/18/2008WinCE 5.0 Kernel for the i.MX31-10 SOMWindows CE BSP Components16051605zip Note .zip460 Kb03
 3/18/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 Audio DriverWindows CE BSP Components16131613zip Note .zip481 Kb05
 8/19/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 Ethernet DriverWindows CE BSP Components16161616zip Note .zip274 Kb05
 3/12/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 IPU DriverWindows CE BSP Components16211621zip Note .zip1.1 Mb05
 3/12/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 PCMCIA DriverWindows CE BSP Components16251625zip Note .zip452 Kb05
 3/18/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 PMIC DriverWindows CE BSP Components16271627zip Note .zip211 Kb05
 3/12/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 SDHC DriverWindows CE BSP Components16331633zip Note .zip364 Kb05
 3/12/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 Touch DriverWindows CE BSP Components16351635zip Note .zip261 Kb05
 3/12/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 UART DriverWindows CE BSP Components16381638zip Note .zip278 Kb05
 8/19/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 USB Function DriverWindows CE BSP Components16421642zip Note .zip394 Kb05
 8/21/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 USB Host2 DriverWindows CE BSP Components16481648zip Note .zip847 Kb05
 6/14/2007WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 USBF Mass Storage Client DriverWindows CE BSP Components16531653zip Note .zip237 Kb05
 9/6/2007WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 VFP Kernel PatchWindows CE BSP Components16541654zip Note .zip91 Kb05
 3/18/2008WinCE 5.0 i.MX31-10 YAFFS File System DriverWindows CE BSP Components16551655zip Note .zip322 Kb05

Unsupported Windows CE BSP Components

 10/24/2008WinCE BSP License AgreementUnsupported Windows CE BSP Components15971597pdf Note .pdf50 Kb-11

Software Development Tools

 3/11/2005Cygwin InstallerSoftware Development Tools16641664zip Note .zip30.6 Mb05
 1/25/2007GNU Cross Development ToolsSoftware Development Tools16651665exe v3.1 .exe11 bytes05
 10/17/2008GNU Cross Development Tools DocumentationSoftware Development Tools16671667zip Note .zip4.4 Mb-15
 1/25/2007GNU Cross Development Tools ReadMeSoftware Development Tools16661666txt v3.1 .txt1 Kb05
 12/7/2005Raw Binary File Assembler ApplicationSoftware Development Tools15131513zip Note .zip20 Kb05
 11/13/2009Tera TermSoftware Development Tools14201420zip v4.63 .zip7.0 Mb-15
 7/5/2013USB-to-UART Chip Driver LinkSoftware Development Tools12751275 Note  0 bytes-15
 10/24/2007USB-to-UART Chip Usage ReadMeSoftware Development Tools12401240txt ReadMe .txt4 Kb-15
 9/17/2007WinCE 5.0 LPD ARMV4i SDK for iMX31 SOMSoftware Development Tools16681668zip Note .zip44.5 Mb05
 7/5/2013Zoom Sample Application (i.MX27 & i.MX31)Software Development Tools12741274zip Note .zip72 Kb099