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Product Information

 3/30/2012START HERE -- DOCUMENTATION OVERVIEW Product Information602602pdf Rev C .pdf49 Kb-11
 1/24/2023START HERE -- SUPPORT SERVICES OVERVIEWProduct Information13431343pdf Rev B .pdf103 Kb-12
 10/25/2018DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM Product BriefProduct Information600600pdf Rev G .pdf839 Kb-14
 12/12/2017Zoom DM3730 Torpedo Development Kit Product BriefProduct Information601601pdf Rev K .pdf554 Kb-16
 12/20/2006LogicLoader BriefProduct Information14511451pdf Rev H .pdf72 Kb-17

Product Change Notification

 9/15/2020All SOM Products - Product Change NotificationProduct Change Notification32443244pdf Rev B .pdf274 Kb-11
 7/21/2020DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM Product Change NotificationProduct Change Notification598598pdf Rev H .pdf330 Kb01
 10/9/2018DM3730-20 Torpedo SOM EOL NoticeProduct Change Notification32073207pdf Rev A .pdf111 Kb-11
 7/2/2019DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM ErrataProduct Change Notification32323232pdf Note .pdf121 Kb05
 8/21/2012Zoom DM3730-20 Torpedo Development Kit End of Life NotificationProduct Change Notification599599pdf Rev A .pdf29 Kb-15
 7/18/2012Zoom DM3730 Torpedo Development Kit ErrataProduct Change Notification596596pdf Note .pdf32 Kb06
 7/18/2019Zoom DM3730 Torpedo Development Kit Product Change NotificationProduct Change Notification595595pdf Rev J .pdf278 Kb07

Hardware Documents

 12/15/2016DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM Hardware SpecificationHardware Documents5252pdf Rev H .pdf1.1 Mb-14

Hardware Design Files

 10/19/2015DM3730 Torpedo Development Kit Hardware Design FilesHardware Design Files589589zip Note .zip3.2 Mb01
 12/30/2014SOMAM3703-20-1780AGCR HW Design FilesHardware Design Files590590zip Note .zip327 Kb02
 12/30/2014SOMDM3730-20-1780AGIR HW Design FilesHardware Design Files591591zip Note .zip328 Kb02
 11/9/2015SOMDM3730-20-1880AGIR HW Design FilesHardware Design Files28742874zip Note .zip516 Kb02
 12/30/2014SOMDM3730-20-2780AGCR HW Design FilesHardware Design Files592592zip Note .zip308 Kb02
 11/9/2015SOMDM3730-20-2880AGXR HW Design FilesHardware Design Files29022902zip Note .zip528 Kb05
 8/1/2011Torpedo SOM 3-D Model Files (SolidWorks & STEP)Hardware Design Files966966zip Note .zip4.8 Mb-16
 7/22/2011SOM Clip Drawings and 3D-Model FilesHardware Design Files13441344zip Note .zip134 Kb-199

User Manuals

 7/27/2012DM3730 Torpedo Development Kit QuickStart GuideUser Manuals603603pdf Rev A .pdf1.4 Mb-199
 7/27/2012DM3730 Torpedo Development Kit User GuideUser Manuals604604pdf Rev C .pdf1.0 Mb-199

Application Notes

 10/24/2017AN 596 Logic PD Development Kit Camera Module Selection and IntegrationApplication Notes31613161pdf Rev B .pdf297 Kb-14
 1/30/2013AN 489 DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM Power ManagementApplication Notes585585pdf Rev C .pdf103 Kb-15
 12/13/2016AN 493 DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM Design ChecklistApplication Notes586586pdf Rev J .pdf536 Kb-15
 11/28/2012AN 495 OMAP35x to DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM MigrationApplication Notes587587pdf Rev D .pdf130 Kb-15
 8/17/2012AN 502 LVDS Display Integration with the AM3517, OMAP35x, & DM3730 Development KitsApplication Notes13671367pdf Rev B .pdf969 Kb-15
 11/28/2012AN 503 OMAP35x and DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM to DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo + Wireless SOM MigrationApplication Notes641641pdf Rev D .pdf161 Kb-15
 8/30/2013AN 527 Selecting and Using GPIO Signals on DM3730 - AM3703 SOMsApplication Notes698698pdf Rev C .pdf350 Kb-15
 7/11/2012AN 529 Creating a Hello World Sample Application in CCS v5 for DM3730 - AM3703 SOMsApplication Notes699699pdf Rev B .pdf453 Kb-15
 6/24/2013AN 531 DM3730 - AM3703 Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 GPIO DemoApplication Notes13691369zip Rev C .zip984 Kb05
 12/3/2015AN 535 LCD Integration with DM3730 Development KitsApplication Notes588588zip Rev D .zip34.2 Mb05
 1/24/2020AN 542 DM3730 - AM3703 SOM Programming for End-Product ManufacturingApplication Notes700700zip Rev E .zip63.8 Mb05
 12/6/2012AN 555 Windows CE 6.0 BSP Backlight Control for the DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOMApplication Notes13711371zip Rev A .zip133 Kb05
 2/13/2013AN 561 Windows CE 6.0 BSP SPI Device Driver Support for DM3730 & AM3703 Torpedo SOMApplication Notes13721372zip Rev A .zip87 Kb05
 4/25/2013AN 569 Windows CE 6.0 BSP Enabling Hardware Screen Rotation for DM3730 & AM3703 Torpedo SOM and SOM-LVApplication Notes13731373zip Rev A .zip908 Kb05
 10/17/2013AN 572 DM3730 - AM3703 SOM Custom U-Boot Splash ScreenApplication Notes13761376pdf Rev B .pdf280 Kb05
 9/3/2013AN 582 Introduction to Direct Hardware Access with Linux Device DriversApplication Notes27662766zip Rev A .zip405 Kb-15
 8/30/2013AN 583 Set and Maintain Accurate Time on DM3730 - AM3703 SOMsApplication Notes27652765zip Rev A .zip97 Kb-15
 10/17/2013AN 585 LCD-4.3-WQVGA-10R to LCD-4.3-WQVGA-20R Display Kit MigrationApplication Notes27772777pdf Rev A .pdf128 Kb-15
 4/25/2014AN 588 DM3730-AM3703 SOM Pre-RMA Testing ProcedureApplication Notes28832883zip Rev A .zip8.0 Mb05
 9/3/2014AN 597 DM3730-AM3703 SOM Power Management with DM37x Linux BSPApplication Notes29352935pdf Rev A .pdf1.4 Mb-15
 4/28/20161028255 DM37x SOM Recover NAND flashApplication Notes30423042zip Note .zip694 Kb07

White Papers

 11/14/2023WP 293 Model Number Explanation & DecoderWhite Papers13781378pdf Rev Q .pdf349 Kb-15
 12/15/2011WP 419 Torpedo SOM Mechanical Hold-Down ScenariosWhite Papers984984pdf Rev C .pdf472 Kb-15
 12/15/2011WP 439 OMAP35x Torpedo SOM Retention TestingWhite Papers986986pdf Rev B .pdf2.0 Mb-15
 8/30/2013WP 491 DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM Thermal ManagementWhite Papers605605pdf Rev C .pdf585 Kb05
 1/5/2012WP 520 DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM Radiated Emissions ScanWhite Papers606606pdf Rev A .pdf158 Kb-15
 6/3/2013WP 574 DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM Pin StatesWhite Papers607607pdf Rev A .pdf487 Kb05
 9/20/2013WP 584 DM3730 - AM3703 SOM Reset MechanismsWhite Papers27802780pdf Rev A .pdf657 Kb05


 4/9/2012LogicLoader v2.5 User GuideLogicLoader13461346pdf Rev B .pdf270 Kb-11
 2/15/2012DM3730 - AM3703 Torpedo SOM LogicLoader User Guide AddendumLogicLoader594594pdf Rev A .pdf86 Kb-12
 4/9/2012LogicLoader v2.5 Command Description ManualLogicLoader13481348pdf Rev B .pdf184 Kb-14
 6/15/2012LogicLoader Labs for DM3730 - AM3703 SOMsLogicLoader13511351pdf Rev B .pdf3.2 Mb-15
 12/26/2017LogicLoader for DM3730 - AM3703 SOMsLogicLoader13551355zip v2.5.5 .zip3.5 Mb06
 3/2/2022LogicLoader for DM3730 - AM3703 SOMs (-21 SOM Only)LogicLoader33843384zip v2.5.5 .zip2.1 Mb09


 2/5/2013DM3730 - AM3703 Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 BSP Pre-Built BinariesAndroid11031103zip v1.4 .zip11 bytes06
 2/5/2013DM3730 - AM3703 Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 BSP Release NotesAndroid13831383txt v1.4 .txt10 Kb-17


 8/18/2021DM37x Mainstream Linux BSP Release NotesLinux31283128zip Note .zip18 Kb0 
 5/7/2018DM37x Mainstream Linux ReadMe for the Virtual Machine (Beta)Linux30483048txt Note .txt4 Kb0 
 5/8/2018DM37x Mainstream Linux SD Card Demo Image (beta)Linux30543054zip Note .zip40.0 Mb0 
 12/13/2018DM37x Mainstream Linux VM with an Ubuntu_16.04 HostLinux32283228ova Note .ova4 bytes0 
 5/8/2018DM37x Mainstream Linux BSP User Guide (Beta)Linux30533053zip Rev C .zip2.1 Mb-11
 9/2/2015DM37x Linux BSPLinux853853bz2 v2.4-4 .bz231 bytes02
 9/3/2015DM37x Linux BSP License InformationLinux30143014pdf Rev A .pdf86 Kb-12
 12/15/2016DM37x Linux BSP User GuideLinux13921392pdf Rev H .pdf2.5 Mb-12
 9/3/2015DM37x Linux BSP Release NotesLinux13961396txt v2.4-4 .txt22 Kb-13
 11/11/2021DM37x Linux BSP Test Results NVS\BTS PATCHLinux14001400zip v2.4-4 .zip3.9 Mb-14
 9/3/2015Virtual Machine SDK for the DM37x Linux BSPLinux858858ova v2.4-4 .ova31 bytes05
 9/3/2015Virtual Machine SDK for the DM37x Linux BSP ReadMeLinux14011401txt v2.4-4 .txt4 Kb-16
 9/3/2015DM37x Linux SD Card Demo ImageLinux14051405zip v2.4-4 .zip37.4 Mb07
 9/3/2015DM37x Linux SD Card Demo Image ReadMeLinux14091409txt v2.4-4 .txt6 Kb-18
 11/21/2013Linux TrainingLinux28172817zip Rev A .zip23.9 Mb09
 9/20/2013U-Boot Labs for DM3730 - AM3703 SOMsLinux14131413pdf Rev B .pdf889 Kb-19

Windows CE

 1/31/2014DM37x Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP User GuideWindows CE13601360pdf Rev C .pdf3.1 Mb-11
 7/25/2013DM37x Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP SourceWindows CE13621362zip v3.0.2 .zip152.2 Mb02
 7/25/2013DM37x Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP Release NotesWindows CE13641364txt v3.0.2 .txt27 Kb-13
 7/25/2013DM37x Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP Test ResultsWindows CE26592659zip v3.0.2 .zip617 Kb-14
 3/3/2016DM37x Windows Embedded CE 6.0 YAFFS Patch for BSP v3.0.2Windows CE30373037zip v1.0.0 .zip115 Kb-14
 3/3/2022DM37x Windows Embedded CE 6.0 SMSC USBH Driver Patch for BSP v3.0.2 (-21 SOM)Windows CE33853385zip v3.0.2 .zip255 Kb05
 7/25/2013DM37x Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP SD Card Demo ImageWindows CE26662666zip v3.0.2 .zip14.8 Mb06
 8/8/2014DM37x Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP SD Card Demo Image ReadMeWindows CE26672667txt v3.0.2 .txt2 Kb-17
 2/20/2009OMAP35x Windows CE 6.0 BSP LabsWindows CE15291529zip Rev A .zip12.5 Mb07

Software Development Tools

 12/22/2011DM3730 - AM3703 SOMs Pin Mux FilesSoftware Development Tools713713zip Rev A .zip59 Kb05
 8/29/2013HP USB Disk Storage Format ToolSoftware Development Tools27602760zip v2.0.6 .zip368 Kb-15
 7/5/2013OMAP35x SOM Win32 GPIO Sample ApplicationSoftware Development Tools11371137zip Rev A .zip1.8 Mb05
 11/13/2009Tera TermSoftware Development Tools14201420zip v4.63 .zip7.0 Mb-15
 10/24/2007USB-to-UART Chip Usage ReadMeSoftware Development Tools12401240txt ReadMe .txt4 Kb-15
 10/20/2020Wattson (Linux Version)Software Development Tools14181418gz v2.0.2 2.gz138.7 Mb05
 10/20/2020Wattson (Windows Version)Software Development Tools14161416zip v2.0.2 .zip46.3 Mb05

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