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3 Replies and 1489 Views library functions in arm-elf-gcc  1489  3 Started by  Deleted User Hi, I have managed to successfully compile the serial port echo sample application for the SDK75401 and load an execute it without a problem. I have been using cygwin and the compiler from the CD which came with the SDK. When I try to extend the sample program with calls to library functions such as sprintf() or strlen() and other such functions, the compiler reports it cannot find the header and library files. Am I missing something in the make file or linker script A quick search of the...
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12 May 2005 01:02 PM
1 Replies and 1414 Views Keil PK-ARM Example Code for SDK75401  1414  1 Started by  JohnHills I am using the LogicPD SDK75401 Board with Keil PK-ARM Compiler 2.00. Compiling and downloading Logic sample code with Logic-supplied GNU works fine. Compiling Keil example code for LH75401 on SDK75401 with Keil-supplied GNU causes following error when trying to download with LogicLoader (LOLO). mh data is incorrect for > 1 program header&40;!&41; elf file type &58; 0x0002 machine type&58; 0028 version&58; 1 prog start addr &58; 0x80000000 num prog headers&58; 3 num sect headers&58...
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04 Mar 2005 10:51 AM
1 Replies and 1348 Views JTAG startup  1348  1 Started by  Dpac Does anybody know the start routine for the LH75401 We’ve recently built our own hardware and I’m trying to get the processor running. I’ve got a Wriggler JTAG a BDI2000 and a greenhills probe on lone. Amazingly the wriggler JTAG works and I can view and edit registers however I can’t seem to boot the system with any of the other JTAGs. I know that I need to set the cspr, RCPC and WDT need to be set but what else needs to happen. Are there any other registers Greenhills had an example start...
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28 Feb 2005 04:49 PM
1 Replies and 1375 Views problem with LoLo Strange elf  1375  1 Started by  alfonso In try to load a program build with Gcc 3.2.1 and the LoLo tell me that this is a strange elf (fseek-84) . There are some guidelines to link program Thanks Ing Giuseppe Monteleone Sintecnos S.r.l
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15 Feb 2005 12:26 PM
2 Replies and 1553 Views Ecos 2.0 for LH75401  1553  2 Started by  alfonso There is a branch of ecos for sharp processor Thanks for answer. Ing Giuseppe Monteleone Sintecnos s.r.l
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07 Feb 2005 01:38 AM
1 Replies and 1436 Views What are the best development tools to use?  1436  1 Started by  Dpac Hi I'm just starting out in arm development and wondering what people recommend are the best development tools to use for the LH75401. The main part of our project is to use the TFT controller to produce a nice GUI. I was hoping to achieve this without an OS and by just running the PEG libraries. I've had a few recommendations to buy the Multi ICE JTAG. Are there any other tools that I need Is it worth spending large amounts of money on an expensive IDE such as the Real View Development tools...
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03 Feb 2005 09:48 PM
3 Replies and 1420 Views Macraigor's Wiggler and Raven debugger don't support LH75401  1420  3 Started by  Anonymous The problem is believed to be related to the Wiggler not being able to handle the adaptive clocking on the LH75401 ARM7TDMI core. The Raven has not proven to work consistently with the LH75401 either. Logic recommends the ARM Multi-Ice with the LH75401. It works with the LH7A400 and LH79520 as well. Regards, Andrew Wawra Tech Support Logic Product Development
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01 Feb 2005 12:50 AM
1 Replies and 1662 Views Flash Programming  1662  1 Started by  tsetsinas Hi, we want to program the flash memory without using BoLo/LoLo. We have erased the flash and we are trying to burn our image at address 0 with arm realview ice tools. We use a program algorithm from intel and we get Low programming voltage detected from flash status register. We also checked this signal (FL_VPEN) with oscilloscope and is always low. Device commands that don't check VPEN (eg. read device id) work fine. Can you suggest something Is it necessary to use BoLo Thanks
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07 Dec 2004 08:11 AM
1 Replies and 1320 Views How can I restore Bolo and Lolo?  1320  1 Started by  Deleted User My company bought LH75401-11 units. I write a program on sector 0 on flash. The CD just brifely point out restore Bolo and Lolo program, but it doesn't tell how to restore the Bolo and Lolo. Would anyone help me Is there any jumper need to set Besides, I know that multi-ice ADX need file to write the program into the flash. I have an original driver. However I don't know whether this support Zoom EVB flash (Intel)
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09 Nov 2004 02:10 PM
1 Replies and 1432 Views flash problem Zoom SDK LH75401  1432  1 Started by  HanHoekstra Hello All, At the moment we have a problem programming the flash on the development board. What happened is that someone here was testing a software package for programming the flash and het accidentaly corrupted the first flash block and now it seems impossible to access the flash for anything. The tools we have used are the Flash programmer from Embest as well as a demo version of the Flash programming tool from Macraigor. The first tool we didn't get to work at all, but the second tool was w...
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09 Nov 2004 02:09 PM
2 Replies and 1355 Views Interfacing with a STN LCD  1355  2 Started by  Deleted User We will be using the STK to interface to a STN display. If I read the documentation correctly, open_video allows me to do this using supported display option 3, LM057QCTT03. First, is this assumption correct Second, do you (or I) have a document that describes the interconnections (If I read the documentation correctly, all the signal names in the LCD connector are called out for interface to a TFT display). I'm going to take a shot at picking the right signals, but I'm sure to run into t...
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21 Sep 2004 03:04 PM
3 Replies and 1374 Views Where is the LH75401-11 sample zoom app?  1374  3 Started by  Deleted User I've looked all over but I don' know where the sample app code is. The docs imply that it's on the CD in \Software Development Tools\sample_zoom_app but that folder contains one file: README.txt, which talks about copying the files from this folder to the PC - BUT there aren't any other files there. The instructions for the Macromedia startup (in the user manual) say to go to Software Development Tools, then select install on the fourth item (4. Zoom Sample Application) but there isn't an instal...
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02 Jul 2004 09:51 AM
1 Replies and 1382 Views How can I download file into flash via Multi-ICE  1382  1 Started by  Deleted User Is somebody know how to download a file via Multi-ICE The zoom starter development kit user's manual doesn't descrbe how to use arm jtag.
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13 May 2004 10:15 AM
2 Replies and 1371 Views oby file for LH75401-10 board  1371  2 Started by  Deleted User I am looking for oby file for Zoom LH75401-10 initialization. If you can help, pls send to Thanks.
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11 May 2004 08:49 AM
1 Replies and 1390 Views changing serial baud rate  1390  1 Started by  Deleted User Hi, I have a c program that sends message on the serial using 9600 baud rate. How can i change the baud rate in the Logic's demo. Can u please send me the spec of the UART I coundln't find the LH75401 Universal Microcontroller User's Guide can you send me a link to it thnx, Michal
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03 Mar 2004 09:08 AM
1 Replies and 1356 Views drawing lines  1356  1 Started by  Deleted User hi, I'm having problems drawing positive slope diagonal lines. I wrote: SWIM_WINDOW_T* pwin = (SWIM_WINDOW_T*)&window&910&93; swim_put_line (pwin, 10,10, 200, 300);//negative slope diagonal line swim_put_line (pwin, 10,10, 10, 300); //vertical line swim_put_line (pwin, 10,300, 200,10);//positive slope diagonal line swim_put_line (pwin, 10,300, 200,300);//horizontal line I get all lines but the positive slope one is drawn on the negative one i.e swim_put_line (pwin, 1...
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11 Feb 2004 02:16 PM
1 Replies and 1387 Views how do i compile sharp demos to flash?  1387  1 Started by  Deleted User Hi, Im using card LLH-75401. I downloaded from Sharp site few demos, but didn't understand how to combine those demos with your sample_zoom_app, inorder to burn them on the flash. Any tips thnx, Michal
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05 Feb 2004 11:00 AM
1 Replies and 1347 Views IO Help!  1347  1 Started by  Deleted User Hello guys, I have a Question: I want to put 8 buttons, how do I do that, I have no exmaples in the SDK CD. Could you guys help me Thanks
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16 Dec 2003 11:19 AM
3 Replies and 1375 Views Help! Accessing the Compact Flash card using code  1375  3 Started by  Deleted User Hello guys, could you direct me or show me how to access the Flash card using code (not using mount command on lolo). I do not think the libraries that came with the kit have a driver for the CF. If you guys know let me know thanks!
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13 Nov 2003 02:46 PM
0 Replies and 1383 Views LH75401-10 2MB SRAM Hardware Upgrade.  1383  0 Started by  Anonymous The LH75401-10 card engine can support up to 2MB SRAM (stock is 512 KB). Changes in Hardware and Software must be made to account for this. Hardware: If you add additional SRAM to the card engine please refer to the LH75401-10 card engine schematics (pg. 4) for memory location and jumper setting changes. For Example, if you want to upgrade to 2MB: 1. Populate U5, U6, U20, U21 with 512 KB SRAM, (Part number IDT71V416SA15PH) 2. change JP1 and JP2 jumper settings to both '...
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10 Nov 2003 03:14 PM
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