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Last Post 31 Aug 2010 01:26 AM by  tuberkulum
AM1808: Rx-Problem with 'evmam1808_emac.c' from BSL V1.0
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31 Aug 2010 01:26 AM

    while adapting and testing our software with the 'AM1808 eXperimenter Kit', we experience some problems with Ethernet-reception, which we do not understand. Could you please take a look to the details below.

    Thank you very much!


    The BSL-EMAC-LowLevel Driver 'evmam1808_emac.c' (taken from BSL V1.0) delivers
    about 80% invalid frames.

    To be compatible to our customers firmware, we use the Logic Board Support Library
    BSL V1.0. In order to integrate our software, we adapt our ethernet module
    to the unchanged BSL module 'evmam1808_emac.c', which really has a well-arranged
    API. As far as we can see now, the integration works, LINK detection, reception
    and transmission works so far.

    BUT: While testing our software, we see about 80% corrupt frames delivered
    by the BSL function 'EMAC_rxPacket()'. A closer look into the delivered frame
    content shows, that it contains old - formerly received - data. It looks like
    the RX descriptor handling is corrupted.

    Please note, that we exclusive use the API functions of 'evmam1808_emac.c', in
    which 'EMAC_init()', 'EMAC_rxPacket()' and 'EMAC_txPacket()' completely handle
    the EMAC Rx/Tx descriptors inside.

    Before stepping through the BSL LowLevel driver source, we would like to ask some
    1) Is there any known issue concerning this behavior?
    2) Is there an update available for 'evmam1808_emac.c' (2010/01/21, BSL V1.0)?
    3) Is there an demonstration project available, which uses 'evmam1808_emac.c'?
    4) Do you have any hint, where to start investigating the problem?

    - WinXP Home,
    - IAR Workbench V5.4, ARM Compiler
    - IAR J-Link Debugger
    - LOGIC Evalboard TMDXEXP1808L
    - LOGIC BoardSupportLibrary 'AM1808'

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