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Last Post 05 Feb 2024 01:11 PM by  Adam Ford
logic loader 2.5.2
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Malati Chavva
New Member
New Member

05 Feb 2024 11:35 AM

    I have SOM DM3730 which when used in devkit boots from MMC1 by doing nothing. I have MLO, uboot, kernel images on SD card. The same SOM when mounted on our own Carrier board boots into Logic Loader 2.5.2 . There is nothing on the serial port even though the same set of SOM and SD card combintation boots fine on devkit.

    How to get it boot from SDcard instead of logic loader 2.5.2 on our own carrier board. The schematics is almost similar. I can attach the schematics if required.


    Logic Loader


    (C) Copyright 2002-2011, Logic PS Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    LoLo Version : 2.5.2

    SOM Model Number : SOMSM3730-20-1780AGIR-D

    SOM Part Number : 1026736

    Serial Number : 4422M00137


    Adam Ford
    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    05 Feb 2024 01:11 PM

    There are some limitations on LogicLoader on where it searches for MLO. MLO must be the first file added to the SD card when formatted. This appears to be a limitation of the boot ROM.

    If you take that same SD card, does it boot on our default development kit?

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