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Last Post 06 Jun 2014 11:24 AM by  Stacey O'Brien
Documentation Updates for OMAP-L138/TMS320C6748 SOM-M1
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Stacey O'Brien
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New Member

06 Jun 2014 11:24 AM

    Released: TMS320C6748 SOM-M1 Hardware Design Files

    The BOM, Assembly Drawing, Layout, and Schematic files for the standard TMS320C6748 SOM-M1 configuration have been updated to reflect the latest PCN.

    You can download these ZIP files from the OMAP-L138 SOM-M1 (eXperimenter Kit) product page on Logic PD's support site. Under the "Hardware Design Files" heading, locate the model number of the standard SOM configuration you are using in production and click on the title to download the most current hardware design files.
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