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Last Post 17 Mar 2005 09:16 AM by  Anonymous
WinCE 5.0 Platform Builder OS maximum size?
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16 Mar 2005 05:04 PM
    I am trying to get an OS image with Internet Client, (Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows CE) along with a wired LAN connection. This is to show using the development kit as an Internet Appliance connected to a simple embedded web server via the ethernet port.

    I get [color=red:3qm45svw]Error: Ram start overlaps rom binary, showing total ROM size as 18,169,50 bytes. I am assuming that the maximum is 16Kbytes, based on the FLASH or the RAM size? I have a 32 Mbyte Compact Flash card if that helps.

    Do I need to get a bigger memory Card Engine, or is there some Windows CE stuff I can drop?

    17 Mar 2005 09:16 AM

    This error is based on whether the WinCE image will fit into the amount of sys RAM that is allocated for it when CE runs. In this case it won't fit.

    The file you'll need to modify is going to be found at the following path:

    The name of the file is:

    In this file starting on line 146 is this section:
    #define RAM_BUILD_RAM_START 0x81000000
    #define RAM_BUILD_RAM_SIZE 0x00C00000

    #define RAM_BUILD_IMAGE_START 0x800E0000
    #define RAM_BUILD_IMAGE_SIZE 0x00F00000

    You will need to take a look at the RAM build memory map that is above of these defines. In order to make your image bigger RAM_BUILD_IMAGE_SIZE will have to be increased. To compensate for the larger NK.BIN size you will need to increase the size of RAM_BUILD_RAM_START the same number that RAM_BUILD_IMAGE_SIZE was increased. Now your NK.BIN is larger and available RAM_BUILD_RAM_SIZE is going to have to shrink by the same number that you increased your image size by. Please post back here if this isn't clear.

    Thank you
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