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Last Post 09 May 2012 12:31 PM by
Article: AM3517 Setting the MAC Address
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09 May 2012 12:31 PM
    Q: How is the Ethernet MAC address set on the AM3517?


    The Ethernet MAC address must be manually set if you do not want Linux to assign a random one. A
    couple different unique addresses can be assigned, depending on your situation.

    If you're using the EVM from LogicPD, The simplest way to do this is to use the MAC address printed
    on the sticker located on the top side of the SOM. Note that this MAC address actually corresponds
    to the wireless 802.11b/g.

    If you cannot use the wireless MAC address, you can find the MAC address for the 10/100 Ethernet
    located in the AM3517 CONTROL_FUSE_EMAC_LSB and CONTROL_FUSE_EMAC_MSB registers
    (addresses 0x4800 2380 and 0x4800 2384, respectively).

    To set the MAC address, add the following line to the bootargs in u-boot.
    There are several other ways to set the MAC address, once you are in Linux, using ethtool or ifconfig with the “hw” parameter.

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    AM3517, OMAP35xx, OMAP35xx Torpedo, OMAP-L138, AM1808, DM3730, DM3730 Torpedo, AM3703
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