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Last Post 17 Sep 2008 03:13 PM by
Having trouble erasing Yaffs partition in Nand flash
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New Member

New Member

17 Sep 2008 03:13 PM
    We have a problem with a IMX31 SOM which previously had Lolo 2.3.5 on it. We had a Yaffs partition on the Nand flash which was using blocks 72 thru 2120.

    Now we have upgraded Lolo to version 2.4.0, and we are trying to erase the old partition with Lolo's erase command:

    erase /dev/nand0 B1 B4095

    The command executes and shows progress with no error messages.

    However, after rebooting, the old files are still there. However, any attempt to access the files results in a heap memory exhausted errors.

    How can we erase the Nand flash and start from scratch?

    Below is the terminal output of our attempt...


    (c) Copyright 2002-2006, Logic Product Development, Inc.
    All Rights Reserved.
    Version 2.4.0-IMX31_10 0001
    erase /dev/nand0 B1 B4095
    erasing nand: 0%
    erased '/dev/nand0' start=0x1: len=0xfff bytes/blocks skipped 0

    ls /user
    error: ls: the file or directory doesn't exist (/user)
    error: ls: the file or directory doesn't exist
    part-add /dev/nand0 a 1 4095
    Created partition on /dev/nand0a
    mount yaffs /dev/nand0a /user -rw
    ls /user
    : uPeltOS.bin 13611071
    D : Cals 512
    D : Jobs 512
    D : Panels 512
    : BOOT.BAT 135
    : uPeltOS_old.bin 13605175
    D : Documents and Settings 512
    D : PSM 512
    : BOOT_BAT.txt 135
    : splash8bit.bmp 308278
    D : lost-found 512
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