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Last Post 22 May 2008 12:37 PM by
What exactly does LoLo setup?
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15 May 2008 09:07 AM
    I've been trying to do some benchmarking on my LITEKIT and one issue I've run into is finding out exactly what is setup by LoLo (version 2.3.5 on my board) in terms of clockspeeds, cache, memory, interrupts etc. The code I'm running is some fairly simple calculations, quite floating point heavy and also with a lot of memory accesses and on the memory access especially I don't seem to be getting close to the sort of performance I would expect. My program is written in C and I'm using the GreenHills Multi compiler suite, loading the s-record into RAM using the LoLo 'load srec' command and then executing it with the LoLo 'Jump' command. I have managed to enable the VFP and confirm that my code is definitely using it and from inspecting the assembler produced it looks to be well optimised so I'm now just trying to identify if there any other areas of processor setup that could be less than optimal in the default LoLo state. As mentioned above I'm running LoLo 2.3.5 and my board is a MIMX31CSOMCR.
    Has anyone else found this sort of information or got any tips on common performance tweaks?

    Many Thanks,

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    New Member

    22 May 2008 12:37 PM
    The first place to check out is the LoLo addendum, which lists some specifics. Not as detailed as you would probably like though:

    In LoLo 2.4.0, we set the core clock to 399 MHz, as the current processors, when driven at 532 MHz are in over-drive.

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