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Last Post 30 Jun 2021 02:04 PM by  Adam Ford
Ubuntu ROOTFS for DM3730 Torpedo SOM
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satish kumar
New Member
New Member

30 Jun 2021 07:47 AM


    We want to try out Ubuntu ROOTFS on ZOOM development kit board which has DM3730 based torpedo SOM module.

    Please guide and share the info needed.



    Adam Ford
    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    30 Jun 2021 08:14 AM
    We don't have official support for Ubuntu, but if you have a working kernel and device tree, you should be able to replace the rootfs with one from Ubuntu.

    (User guide for kernel located:

    Download the ARMHF version of Ubuntu

    Partition the SD card into two partitions.
    Format the 1st partition as vfat, and name it boot
    Format the 2nd partition as ext4 and name it rootfs
    Extract the rootfs downloaded above to the rootfs partition.

    Follow section 2.4 to build the boot loader. These files will be located in buildroot's images folder.

    Copy MLO from the bootloader to the boot partition. It must be the first file copied or the boot ROM won't find it.
    Copy u-boot.img to the boot partition after MLO.
    Together MLO and u-boot.img makeup the Bootloaders.

    Use Linux User guide, section 2.5 to manually build the kernel image, kernel modules and device tree.

    Then copy the Kernel image (zImage) to the boot partition and the device tree file to the boot partition.
    Install the kernel modules to the rootfs partition.
    Sync the SD card and eject

    Insert the SD card into the development kit, and turn it it on.

    Configure the bootloader to boot from SD card.

    env default -a -f
    setenv bootcmd 'run mmcbootz'

    And the system should boot the kernel you installed.
    Adam Ford
    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    30 Jun 2021 02:04 PM
    I talked with my boss, and we'll work on an Application Note to formally document how to install Ubuntu onto the OMAP3 family of SOM's. The document may take some time to go through review, but if you'd like us to do a fully validated distribution of Ubuntu on the Toroedo, we can discuss options like a support contract.

    I will reply to this thread once the Application Note has been released.

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