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  DateTitle NoteSize

Product Information

 6/19/2014Zoom 4.3 WQVGA Display Kit BriefProduct Information15501550pdf Rev A .pdf121 Kb-18

Product Change Notification

 8/17/2012LCD-3.6-QVGA Display Kit End of Life NotificationProduct Change Notification18351835pdf Rev A .pdf43 Kb-15
 10/17/2013LCD-4-3-WQVGA-10R Display Kit End of Life NotificationProduct Change Notification28022802pdf Rev A .pdf32 Kb-15
 8/17/2012LCD-6.4-VGA Display Kit End of Life NotificationProduct Change Notification18231823pdf Rev A .pdf41 Kb-15
 4/29/2004PCN 068 LCD-3.5-QVGA-10 Rev B Noise IssueProduct Change Notification18421842pdf Rev B .pdf292 Kb05
 4/29/2004PCN 159 LCD-10.4-VGA-10 Touch and Image Quality Design ChangeProduct Change Notification18511851pdf Rev B .pdf89 Kb05
 5/23/2005PCN 292 LCD-3.5-QVGA-10 and LH79520-10 Card Engine Signal IssueProduct Change Notification18431843pdf Rev A .pdf197 Kb05

Hardware Design Files

 5/12/2004LCD-10.4-VGA-10 BOMHardware Design Files18521852xls Rev B .xls742 Kb05
 5/12/2004LCD-10.4-VGA-10_SchematicsHardware Design Files18531853pdf Rev B .pdf35 Kb05
 8/24/2004LCD-12.1-SVGA-10 BOMHardware Design Files18491849xls Rev C .xls742 Kb05
 6/11/2007LCD-12.1-SVGA-10 SchematicHardware Design Files18501850pdf Rev E .pdf41 Kb05
 10/26/2006LCD-3.5-QVGA-20 BOMHardware Design Files18391839pdf Note .pdf38 Kb05
 10/7/2004LCD-3.5-QVGA-20 SchematicHardware Design Files18411841pdf Note .pdf62 Kb05
 8/20/2008LCD-3.6-QVGA-10 BOMHardware Design Files18361836pdf Note .pdf32 Kb05
 1/30/2006LCD-3.6-QVGA-10 Schematics Hardware Design Files18381838pdf Rev B .pdf64 Kb05
 11/4/2013LCD-4.3-WQVGA Display BOM, Schematic, and LayoutHardware Design Files18311831zip Note .zip334 Kb05
 3/20/2006LCD-5.7-QVGA-10 BOMHardware Design Files18281828pdf Rev A .pdf30 Kb05
 3/20/2006LCD-5.7-QVGA-10 SchematicsHardware Design Files18291829pdf Rev B .pdf47 Kb05
 8/20/2008LCD-6.4-VGA-10 BOMHardware Design Files18241824pdf Note .pdf29 Kb05
 8/20/2008LCD-6.4-VGA-10 Schematics Hardware Design Files18261826pdf Rev D .pdf39 Kb05
 10/26/2006LCD-ADP-035-10 BOMHardware Design Files18441844pdf Note .pdf35 Kb05
 7/13/2006LCD-ADP-035-10 SchematicHardware Design Files18461846pdf Rev E .pdf42 Kb05

User Manuals

 9/4/2007Zoom Display Kit QuickStart Guide (3.5, 5.7, & 10.4)User Manuals18301830pdf Rev G2 .pdf1.9 Mb-15
 7/8/2009Zoom Display Kit QuickStart Guide (4.3)User Manuals18341834pdf Rev A .pdf350 Kb-15
 6/25/2014Zoom Display QuickStart Guide (LCD-4.3-WQVGA-20R)User Manuals29132913PDF Rev A .PDF1.0 Mb-15
 4/27/2009Zoom Display Kit QuickStart Guide (3.6, 6.4, & 12.1)User Manuals16711671pdf Rev J .pdf1.8 Mb-18

Application Notes

 1/8/2009AN 161 Interfacing LCDs to Logic's Development KitsApplication Notes14931493pdf Rev B .pdf277 Kb-15
 10/17/2013AN 585 LCD-4.3-WQVGA-10R to LCD-4.3-WQVGA-20R Display Kit MigrationApplication Notes27772777pdf Rev A .pdf128 Kb-15

Software Development Tools

 3/11/2005Cygwin InstallerSoftware Development Tools16641664zip Note .zip30.6 Mb05
 1/25/2007GNU Cross Development ToolsSoftware Development Tools16651665exe v3.1 .exe11 bytes05