MCF5373 Fire Engine Downloads

This page shows all downloads for the MCF5373 Fire Engine and ColdFire Starter Development Kit (SDK).


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  DateTitle NoteSize

Product Information

 6/22/2007MCF5373-10 Fire Engine Product BriefProduct Information25632563pdf Rev C .pdf186 Kb-12
 6/22/2007Zoom ColdFire SDK BriefProduct Information25382538pdf Rev G .pdf124 Kb-15
 12/20/2006LogicLoader BriefProduct Information14511451pdf Rev H .pdf72 Kb-17

Hardware Documents

 10/31/2006MCF5373-10 Hardware SpecificationHardware Documents25642564pdf Rev B .pdf1.3 Mb-15

Hardware Design Files

 4/10/2007MCF5373 Fire Engine BOMHardware Design Files25662566pdf Note .pdf30 Kb-15
 2/15/2007MCF5373 Fire Engine LayoutHardware Design Files25682568pdf Rev B .pdf2.8 Mb-15
 3/27/2007MCF5373 Fire Engine SchematicHardware Design Files25692569pdf Rev A .pdf115 Kb-15
 10/26/2006ColdFire SDK Application Board BOMHardware Design Files25742574pdf Note .pdf44 Kb-16
 4/18/2007ColdFire SDK Application Board Schematic (.DSN)Hardware Design Files25772577DSN Rev 7 .DSN1.9 Mb-16
 2/15/2006ColdFire SDK Application Board Schematic (.pdf)Hardware Design Files25792579pdf Rev 7 .pdf136 Kb-16
 4/18/2007ColdFire SDK Application Board Layout (.MAX)Hardware Design Files25812581MAX Note .MAX1.7 Mb-17
 4/18/2007ColdFire SDK Application Board Layout (.pdf)Hardware Design Files25842584pdf Note .pdf982 Kb-17

User Manuals

 10/20/2006Zoom ColdFire SDK QuickStart GuideUser Manuals25502550pdf Rev C .pdf968 Kb-15
 10/20/2006Zoom ColdFire SDK User ManualUser Manuals25512551pdf Rev C .pdf1.3 Mb-15

Application Notes

 3/12/2007AN 317 MCF5329-73 LogicLoader ProceduresApplication Notes25612561pdf Rev B .pdf180 Kb-15
 9/7/2006AN 339 LogicLoader Configuration Block UsageApplication Notes14971497pdf Rev A .pdf63 Kb-15

White Papers

 11/14/2023WP 293 Model Number Explanation & DecoderWhite Papers13781378pdf Rev Q .pdf349 Kb-15
 1/9/2007WP 318 Card Engine Insertion and Extraction ProcedureWhite Papers18181818pdf Rev B .pdf282 Kb-15
 6/19/2008WP 386 MCF5373 Fire Engine Radiated Emissions ScanWhite Papers25732573pdf Rev A .pdf91 Kb-15


 5/23/2006LogicLoader Command Description Manual (LoLo Ver. 2.0)LogicLoader20442044pdf Rev C .pdf232 Kb-15
 2/28/2007LogicLoader for the MCF5373 Fire EngineLogicLoader25722572zip 2.3.2 .zip1.1 Mb05
 9/13/2005LogicLoader User Manual (ColdFire)LogicLoader25522552pdf Rev K .pdf357 Kb-15
 3/12/2007MCF5329-73 LogicLoader User Manual AddendumLogicLoader25552555pdf Rev B .pdf349 Kb-16

Software Development Tools

 3/11/2005Cygwin InstallerSoftware Development Tools16641664zip Note .zip30.6 Mb05
 1/25/2007GNU Cross Development ToolsSoftware Development Tools16651665exe v3.1 .exe11 bytes05
 1/25/2007GNU Cross Development Tools ReadMeSoftware Development Tools16661666txt v3.1 .txt1 Kb05
 8/20/2007Zoom Sample ApplicationSoftware Development Tools18191819zip 2.3.5 .zip70 Kb05