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Last Post 19 Sep 2003 02:09 PM by
Using the WinCE LCD controller device driver.
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19 Sep 2003 02:09 PM

    Several people have contacted Logic wondering about using the LoCE BSP to build a Windows CE image which includes a display and graphical shell. I am currently working on several white papers that cover building various configurations of the CE operating system. I hope to have these up and posted in the next couple of days. However, for those of you who wish to move ahead with development, please follow these instructions:

    The key to getting the display driver to work correctly lies within the file:


    where xxx is the type of release (beta or rel) and yyy is the version number.

    The above file may be found in the directory:


    This file contains the registry settings for the A400's integrated LCD controller. This file gets merged in with the other various registry files to create the CE image's initial configuration registry.

    We have tried to document this file as completely as possible, so please take the time to read the comments at the top of it.

    The file section:


    ; Note: if none of the following mode select variables (ie LCD_VGA_16BPP) are
    ; set, or if any of the following individual settings are not present, the
    ; system defaults to mode 0 (which happens to be LCD_VGA_16BPP).

    Is mainly responsible for setting up the display correctly. The subkeys: "Width", "Height", and "DisplayNumber" are most likely in need of modification.

    "Width" and "Height" should be set to the same dimensions of your LCD. Please note that these values are expressed in hexadecimal notation. Therefore 280 and 1e0 correctly correspond to a screen which is 640x480.

    The sub-key "DisplayNumber" corresponds to a Logic Product Devlopment display kit. The driver loads the values for the LCD Controller based on this number and the corresponding sub-key below.

    For example:


    Causes the following values to be loaded:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Display\LH7a400_LCD\5] ;6.4" - 640 x 480 screen
    "min_freq"=dword: 5B8D80
    "max_freq"=dword: 1B04810
    "nom_freq"=dword: 1803760
    "EGPEFormat"=dword: 4
    "hrtft"=dword: 0;

    "lcdtiming0"=dword: 59320e9c
    "lcdtiming1"=dword: 1d5e11df
    "lcdtiming2_tft"=dword: 027f1802
    "lcdtiming3"=dword: 00000000
    "lcdctrl"=dword: 00010120

    "icptiming1_tft"=dword: 00000000
    "icptiming2_tft"=dword: 00000000
    "icpsetup_tft"=dword: 000027f0
    "icpcontrol_tft"=dword: 00000000

    As the comment implies, these settings are for Logic's 6.4 inch display kits.

    If you have your own glass that you would like to support, you may feel free to use our settings as a reference point and implement your own sub-key of values. Then set "DisplayNumber to load your particular sub-key.

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