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Last Post 22 Aug 2006 10:00 AM by  DavidHearn
M5475 - GPIO - need > 5 inputs in single PPDSDR
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22 Aug 2006 10:00 AM
    We have a MCF5475 EVB. We sample 5 GPIO pins (configured for input) but we'd like up to 8 pins available for GPIO input. The problem is, they have to be sampled by the same PPDSDR register. We must sample just 1 register. Sampling 2 registers is not acceptable due to performance issues.

    At present we're using the Mini-ITX Case Header on the Logic MCF5475EVB which exposes 5 DSPI pins which can be configured for GPIO input (the other 2 pins in the register are used elsewhere on the board - USB and JTAG/CPLD I think). These are all read via a single read of the PPDSDR_DPSI register.

    Unfortunately, some of the GPIO lines aren't configurable for input, only output (and vice versa), and I'm unable to find a clear point in the manuals which explains if particular lines can be GPIO input, output or both.

    The following PPDSDR registers are the only ones suitable for investigation:

    8 bit

    Does anyone know if the above 8 bit PPDSDR registers can more than 5 lines configured for GPIO *input*?


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