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Last Post 01 Nov 2011 12:42 PM by  jsarao
Cannot TFTP load the image to RAM
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New Member

New Member

18 Nov 2009 03:49 AM
    This is the problem :

    Lolo> ifconfig sm0 192.168.27
    and the Lolo responds with the MAC address and IP and Mask and Gateway values above. Fine !

    LEDs on the ZOOM board are lit (100 mbps and link) and I check the Core VDD voltage on the PHY (SMSC LAN8700) for 1.8V meaning the internal core voltage of the PHY was good and all the bootstraps at power up should be fine. I have to reset the power to the board several times to see both leds ON. What that means is the SOM design may have some issue with setup etc. But to make the story short : all the check for the FEC -PHY link was good and I can ping
    Lolo> ping 10

    and the reply from the host connection was fine. But this is the problem :

    Lolo> load raw 0xa0200000 0x200000 /tftp/

    The logicloader stuck for a while and return with "time out (could not find the Host IP)? etc.

    All the settings from the host with regards to tftp with /etc/xinetd setup and restart are doing fine. In fact this is fine with my other ADS27 development board so I do not see any host issue here.
    Does anyone know exactly what is going on here and or anything to do with a certain SOM board revision which could be tied to a certain Lolo version when the pins of the board are relocated .



    New Member

    New Member

    01 Nov 2011 12:42 PM
    Any answer to this?
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