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Last Post 08 Jul 2009 08:09 AM by
LCD Display Connector
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04 Jun 2009 02:50 PM
    I am looking at the LQ043T3DX02 compared to the display kit. The display kit from LOGIC seems to have a board attached to the LCD with ribbon to the MX31 LITEKIT. Am I to assume the LQ043T3DX02 comes with everything necessary to plug into the MX31 ZOOM LITEKIT?

    Or what else do I need to buy for the LQ043T3DX02?

    It looks like the LQ043T3DX02 has a tiny connector, nothing like what you connect on the LITEKIT.


    Display Kit:

    New Member
    New Member

    07 Jul 2009 04:17 PM
    You will most likely need to design a custom PCB that goes between the LiteKit and your display. It will translate levels and route the relevant signals to the display module and it will provide the proper LED backlight power. It will also probably need to sequence the power between the display module and the backlight so you may need to use a couple port pins from the 60-pin connector to do that (and the driver will have to know about these dedicated signals) unless you put some intelligence on your mini-PCB. Display panels use fine-pitch surface mount flat fex cables and connectors so your board will need both a 60-pin through-hole connector and the FFC connector for the display. If you incorporate a touch panel you will need an additional connector for that to go to the display module. Finally, LED backlight power usually uses a separate 2 pin connector.

    So your PCB has a 60-pin connector to mate with the connector on the Zoom, some regulators and possibly logic, and one or more connectors to go to the display module (LCD signals, LED backlight power, and possibly touch panel connector).
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    08 Jul 2009 08:09 AM
    Jeff -

    We use the 4.3" display kit with some of our newer development kits. We have a simple pcb that connects all of the LCD and touchscreen signals to the 60 pin connector.

    We haven't decided if we will make the 4.3" display a standard product, so stay tuned.
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