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Last Post 17 Jun 2008 09:19 AM by  MarkH
USB Host2 Controller issue with WinCE 5.0
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New Member

17 Jun 2008 09:19 AM
    I am using the SOM-LV i.MX31 with Windows CE 5.0.
    I have all the latest QFE's for ARM, and LogicPD's WinCE 5.0 BSP.
    I am not new to WinCE development.

    This is my first time using Logic's board, but using Lolo 2.4.0, I had built up an image that I could download via Ethernet and run in very little time. I think the documentation was excellent, and things were going well.

    I am writing a USB Host Class driver for a custom device. This device enumerates fine when connected to a Windows XP system, or even a different Windows CE platform running on an i.MX31 (Freescale dev kit).

    However, when my custom device is plugged in to the SOM-LV, the device fails enumeration,
    and neither the USBD bus driver nor my driver get loaded.

    I am using Logic's Host2 Controller driver 'lpd_imx31_usb2h_imx31_50_1_0_0.dll'
    v1.0.0 (First Production release).

    More details:

    Basically, the device responds to bus resets and address 0 , but when issuing the Set Address command, the host does not wait.


    Now, if I enable verbose debug output for CPhysMem debug zone on that module, there is so much output that the system slows enough such that the device completes enumeration; the 'USBDeviceAttach' routine is called in my driver, and I am able to proceed with developement, albeit with unwiedly debug statements.

    Since the driver is binary-only in the BSP, I am unable to do anything myself in the Host Controller driver.

    Is there anything that be done with LogicPD's Host2 Controller driver to correct this issue?

    Thank you.
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