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Last Post 26 Jan 2007 06:07 AM by  MatthiasKirst
I2C problems
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26 Jan 2007 06:07 AM
    Hi guys,
    we are integrating the SOM-board into our world and got it running with JTAG and RS232.

    Now I want to contact a CMOS-sensor via I2C.

    I2C-Problem: I do not get the I2C1_CLK out of the SOM-board.
    I tested the signal I2C1_CLK with an oscilloscope on the expansion connector J13 Pin 147.
    Is there any known trick, beside things I've done?
    Is there an other way to test?
    Did Logic test the I2C features?
    Wire/adapter problem?

    Matt & Steffen

    My way to put data via I2C:

    - I enabled I2C_SCL and I2C_SDA in the SW_MUX_OUT_EN ( sw_mux_ctl_csi_hsync_csi_pixclk_i2c_clk_i2c_dat )
    - I set IFDR[IC]
    - I enabled I2CR[IEN])
    - set I2C Address Register

    - for sending:
    - reset I2SR[IAL]
    - set I2CR: MSTA and MTX
    - write data to I2DR
    - problem: I could not detect any clock on pin I2C_CLK
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