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Last Post 18 Jun 2018 04:08 PM by  Robert Mark
nand u-boot omap36 MDP
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New Member
New Member

30 Sep 2010 09:51 PM
    hi, i type command "nand erase" on u-boot prompt using minicom after i typed "nand unlock" command then myzoom doing erase raw data.
    now when i restart myzoom3 MDP board i can't see u-boot prompt anymore. mdp board indicator on and still blue (not as the firstime before nand erase)
    i think that the u-boot and xloader is missing.
    is there anybody can help me how to recover or reflashing the x-loader n u-boot?
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    01 Oct 2010 03:37 PM
    It sounds like you erased your NAND - is that not what you intended to do with the commands you used?

    You will need to go to the site and follow the directions for reloading the code into NAND. After completing this, you will have the most up to date code in the Zoom3 unit.

    Good luck!
    Robert Mark
    New Member
    New Member

    18 Jun 2018 04:08 PM

    You have to board through the sd card and flash the URL from the U boot Nand using the erase shell command, the same process but boot the SPI flash this time. Use the SDK package. Hope it will be useful, for more help Dell tech support

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