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Last Post 10 Dec 2019 10:48 AM by  Daniel Dodge
Net-snmp update
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Daniel Dodge
New Member
New Member

10 Dec 2019 10:48 AM

    Has anyone upgraded to a later version of net-snmp (version > 5.5) ?  

    Could anyone provide an example or particularly and net-snmp.spec?

    I think this is as easy as finding an updated *.gz file and then creating a hash file for it.  Then just updating the *.spec file.  It has been a while since I worked with Ltib so I might not be a hundred percent clear on this.

    Does this cause various other libraries to need updating as well?

    We believe the old version of net-snmp (5.4.1) is crashing when a customer heavily utilizing it after approximately a week.  The customer found purposely changing interface configurations and changing them back would get them back up and running, but they would crash again a week later.  The customer found over various week that the crash always took approximately the same length of time. 

    We asked them for details of what they were doing so that we could reproduce it in house.  We learned that in all reality when they were changing configuration they were really just forcing our system to stop and restart the snmp service.  We also were able to reproduce the crashes by running scripts to give the device a similar set of commands at a faster pace.  We also verified that simply restarting the net-snmp service resolved the issue.  We have also found a very repeatable time between crashes.

    Then out of concern we began to run the same test on other products that had the same net-snmp backend source code but not necessarily the same control boards.  What we learned is that products with 5.4.1 version of net-snmp consistently crashed and products with a newer version of net-snmp (5.7.3) did not crash. 

    We believe this crash is due to known memory leaks in older version of net-snmp.  When viewing the net-snmp changelogs between 5.0.2 and 5.5 there are 7 references to fixing memory leaks in the library.  (http://net-snmp.sourcefor...bout/ChangeLog.html)

    This combined with the fact that the snmp daemon crashes at repeatable rates for similar inputs, makes us very certain the best way to resolve this issue is to update the net-snmp version to greater than 5.5. 

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