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Last Post 27 Sep 2018 07:30 AM by  Adam Ford
WiFi Firmware Updates
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Adam Ford

Advanced Member

Advanced Member

27 Sep 2018 07:28 AM

    The various radios contain closed-source binary blobs maintained by TI and posted to the linux-firmware repo located:


    To use the latest firmware images clone the repository with:

    git clone git://


    Navigate to the ti-connectivity directory inside the newly created linux-firmware directory.  Inside, there will be a variety of files.

    TIInit_7.2.31.bts    wl127x-fw-5-mr.bin   wl128x-fw-5-sr.bin
    wl1251-fw.bin        wl127x-fw-5-plt.bin  wl128x-fw-ap.bin
    wl1251-nvs.bin       wl127x-fw-5-sr.bin   wl128x-fw.bin
    wl1271-fw-2.bin      wl127x-fw-plt-3.bin  wl128x-fw-plt-3.bin
    wl1271-fw-ap.bin     wl127x-nvs.bin       wl128x-nvs.bin
    wl1271-fw.bin        wl128x-fw-3.bin      wl12xx-nvs.bin
    wl1271-nvs.bin       wl128x-fw-4-mr.bin   wl18xx-fw-2.bin
    wl127x-fw-3.bin      wl128x-fw-4-plt.bin  wl18xx-fw-3.bin
    wl127x-fw-4-mr.bin   wl128x-fw-4-sr.bin   wl18xx-fw-4.bin
    wl127x-fw-4-plt.bin  wl128x-fw-5-mr.bin   wl18xx-fw.bin
    wl127x-fw-4-sr.bin   wl128x-fw-5-plt.bin


    For users of the wl127x radios, copy all the files beginning with wl127x to the /usr/firmware/ti-connectivity on the embeded system.

    For users of the wl128x radios, copy all the beginning with wl128x to the /usr/firmware/ti-connectivity on the embeded system.

    If the product being used was previously certified, use the corresponding NVS file used for the certification as the NVS files provided are generic and not necessarly appoved for use on the radios.


    For users of the wl18xx radios, copy all the files beginning with wl18xx to /usr/firmware/ti-connectivity on the embeded system.

    The WL18xx was certified by TI and the firmware images for this radio do not require an NVS file.


    Please feel free to contact Logic PD with any questions.





    Adam Ford

    Advanced Member

    Advanced Member

    27 Sep 2018 07:30 AM
    Please do not use the BTS files for the Bluetooth radio if the device using is already certified as the BTS files for Bluetooth may not be properly tuned for any certifications. For Torpedo + Wireless, only use the BTS files that came with the 2.4-4 BSP to ensure proper Bluetooth/BLE operation and maintain regulatory certification.

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