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Last Post 25 May 2018 12:36 PM by  Philippe Racine
new SOMOMAPL138-10-1603QHIR
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Philippe Racine
New Member
New Member

24 May 2018 03:19 PM


    We are using the SOMOMAPL138-10-1602QHIR for years. Now it is obsolete and the replacement is SOMOMAPL138-10-1603QHIR.

    I am really not a pro when it is time to go deeper in parameters, libraries or configurations.

    We received our first new device SOMOMAPL138-10-1603QHIR this week.

    We try the new device the same way we are doing usually :

    • We plug the OMAP-L138 SOM-M1 on our PCB.
    • We power up the PCB.
    • We connect the USB cable between the PCB and the computer.
    • We open Code Composer Studio and launch our project.

    Everything seems ok except one thing at the moment.

    the function SPIFLASH_init(); failed. The ID is not ok.

    Before the ID return was :

    • spi_data rx:    FF 20 20 17

    Now we have :

    • spi_data rx:    FF 20 BA 18


    The 20 20 17 are #define in spiflash_numonyx.c


    Does someone have an idea of what I have to do to make the SpiFlash works like before with the new device?

    Is it a parameter in the project?

    Do I have to dowload an updated library?

    I am a little lost at the moment.


    Thank you,



    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    24 May 2018 04:28 PM


    All you should have to do is change the ID to match the new SPI flash.  

    The link below documents the change to the new model in PCN 623.

    11/28/2017 OMAP-L138 SOM-M1 Product Change Notification pdf Rev H 542 Kb


    Outside changing the expected ID, no other software changes are expected.



    Philippe Racine
    New Member
    New Member

    25 May 2018 12:36 PM

    Thank you for your comment.

    I found the project for this .lib and I changed the ID.

    Of course, it works ! But we use the MAC address as the unique ID and the MAC address I was reading was wrong. After a quick look, I saw the MAC address was read at the end of the memory.

    So in spiflash_numonyx.h


    #define NUMONYX_M25P64_SIZE         (8388608)

    I added

    #define NUMONYX_MT25QL128ABA1EW9_SIZE         (16777216)

    And I changed

    #define SPIFLASH_CHIP_SIZE          (NUMONYX_M25P64_SIZE)




    At this point I was able to read the MAC address and everything else was working like usual.


    The only think was kill me, from this point I will need to have two versions of code. If I want to upgrade an older device, I will need to know what version of SOM I had in the device...


    To make thing simple, I decided to replace the #define by a variable.

    So now, in spiflash_numonyx.h SPIFLASH_CHIP_SIZE is not a #define anymore.

    extern uint32_t SPIFLASH_CHIP_SIZE;


    In spiflash_numonyx.c is initialized like that :



    In function uint32_t NUMONYX_verifyDeviceID(void)

    I code this :

       if ((spi_data[1] != NUMONYX_MFR_ID) ||
             (spi_data[2] != NUMONYX_DEV_ID_TYPE) ||
             (spi_data[3] != NUMONYX_DEV_ID_CAP))

           if ((spi_data[1] != NUMONYX_MFR_ID2) ||
                 (spi_data[2] != NUMONYX_DEV_ID_TYPE2) ||
                 (spi_data[3] != NUMONYX_DEV_ID_CAP2))
                #ifdef DEBUG
                printf("spi flash id does not match expected id!\r\n");
                return (ERR_FAIL);
                #ifdef DEBUG
                printf("spi flash is MT25QL128ABA1EW9 (16mb)!\r\n");
            #ifdef DEBUG
            printf("spi flash is M25P64 (8mb)!\r\n");




    #define NUMONYX_MFR_ID2             (0x20)
    #define NUMONYX_DEV_ID_TYPE2        (0xBA)
    #define NUMONYX_DEV_ID_CAP2         (0x18)


    I didn't go deeper in my tests but for now everything looks fine. I can read and write in the memory and the MAC address is ok for both version of the SOM-M1.






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