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Last Post 16 Feb 2018 03:11 PM by  Adam Ford
STN display
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Malati Chavva
New Member
New Member

15 Feb 2018 03:17 PM

    DM3730 datasheet says - Display

     - Programmable color LCD controller support upto a 24 bpp TFT interface 

    - Hardware supports XGA 1024x768 at 24-bit color

    - TV out / Svideo out

    Does this mean, that it can drive two generic LCD display 640x480 and another LCD display 480x480 simultaneously?

    Does the S-video image be different from LCD display image or they both have to be same images?


    Adam Ford
    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    16 Feb 2018 03:11 PM
    I checked through the Technical Reference Manual, and it indicates the system can run two separate LCD's, but we have never tested that configuration and it's not explicitly supported in our BSP's. However, it might be possible to get it functional, but it's not clear to me if the LCD's need to the be the same resolution or if they can be different resolutions.

    From what I was able to read in the technical reference manual, it appears possible to make the S-Video a separate image, but our stock BSP only supports mirroring.

    I also thought you should know that our stock Torpedo (not-wireless) routes the S-Video to the baseboard, but the Torpedo + Wireless does not.

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