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Last Post 30 Nov 2015 08:59 AM by  Adam Ford
How to read and write SATA with biospsp drivers
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Zhang miaomiao
New Member
New Member

28 Nov 2015 01:34 AM

    Dear everyone,

    I have installed the pspdrivers_01_30_01 and used it in DSP/BIOS 5_41_13_42. I want to read and write sata with the driver on OMAPL138. There are some driver function in the installed files, but I don not know how to use these to read and write sata. 

    So do you have some examples to read and write sata based on these above? And I need a sata example which works in DSP/BIOS, because I need to creat tasks to accomplish other function. I am very confused and Please help me.

    I will appreciate it if you can help me. Thanks a lot!

    Best wishes to you!



    Adam Ford
    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    30 Nov 2015 08:59 AM
    That SOM was designed with collaboration with TI. We provided the hardware and TI wrote the software. Unfortunately, we don't have much for examples on that.
    I am sorry, but I would have to refer you to TI.

    I did a little searching and I found:

    According to the above link, it suggests "Please contact BIOS PSP Lead for any query related AM18X BIOS SATA support."

    The AM1808 and L138 are related, but the AM1808 doesn't have the L138's DSP.

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