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Last Post 25 Sep 2014 01:37 PM by  Aswin PP
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Aswin PP
New Member
New Member

25 Sep 2014 01:37 PM

    I am using LOGIC_ARM_A8_WINCE6 BSP and Visual studio 2005 on WINDOWS XP 32 bit machine as Host and DM3730 logic pd som kit.

    I load prebuilt image with sd card and its working fine by taking below 1 minute to run Wince6.0 on kit.

    But when i am build with the BSP with out any changes and load through sd card, But it take 13 to 15 minutes to run wince 6.0.

    I tried with Release and Debug build but both give same result. I followed procedure as per DM37x_WinCE6_BSP_FULL_UG.

    And tried to debug through Ethernet but face same problem.

    I got logs through Teraterm through serial uart port. Also i can't debug it from Visual studio. Procedure i followed is

    connect kit via ethernet and serial port, from teraterm i set IP and check connectivity using ping with host.(ifconfig sm0 and set host ip as and check connectivity using ping

    after that i type bootme& to acknowledge host that device is active.

    then from visual studio i select device setting and select device (i can see its ip) and connect then OS design NK.Bin is loading to device.

    in teraterm i can see it. after loading its stops and i type exec command. then its started to run. buts debugger can not connect.

    on build settings i already attaches KITL.

    Can anyone solve the issue and Give me the correct procedure to debug device from visual studio.

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