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Last Post 03 Apr 2014 08:24 AM by  bradb
Wanted! Simple Example to compile, link and run on target
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New Member
New Member

03 Apr 2014 03:51 AM


    I am looking for some simple example which can be run on the "Zoom AM3517 EVM Development Kit" board. It should be used as template for our project. The following file(s) is(are) especially "wanted":

    • board init/startup file(s) (.h/.c)

    and if possible for the used compiler suite "arm RVCT Version: 4.0"

    • linker file (.lds)
    • compiler (.mak)

    # Wil

    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    03 Apr 2014 08:24 AM
    On the Logic PD AM3517 download website you can access the EVM AM35xx
    Board Support Library (BSL). The EVM AM35XX Board Support Library (BSL) is a set of
    diagnostic tests and related software that demonstrates basic use of the peripherals on
    the AM35XX eXperimenter and EVM boards. The source code is divided into two main
    * - bsl
    * - tests

    The BSL resources are available as downloads from the Logic PD Support Website,
    accessible after registering your kit.

    If you have not registered your kit, the following steps will walk you through
    the process.

    1. Visit the Logic Product Support website and click
    “Register Kit”. to register your development kit and get access to downloads.
    2. Fill in the on-screen form (all fields are required) and click the “Submit”
    3. Your product is now registered. Click on the “Return to your Account
    Overview” link and select the appropriate "AM3517 SOM-M2" product from the
    "View Product Downloads" drop-down menu. Here you can access all the
    downloads available for your register product. you will see the list of registered
    products for your account. Now you have access to all downloads associated
    AM3517 SOM-M2 Kit.
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