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Last Post 06 Feb 2006 01:58 AM by  burelllil
DMA under Linux anyone?
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05 Feb 2006 09:11 AM
    I am trying to make DMA transfers on an M5485EVB under Linux, with zero success atm.
    My goal is to use the DMA to transfer data from/to the DSPI.
    The problem I am having is dual (or -2 does not work because of -1):

    -1) When I call MCD_startDma, the processor freezes shortly after, for a long duration (like 10-15 secs). After that delay, the execution continues.
    MCD_dmaStatus returns immediately 6 (DMA_DONE), but of course nothing has happened, even if I use mem-to-mem transfers (also, see point 2).
    I thought it could be caused by an unhandled interrupt (i guessed that the delay starts as soon as the transfer ends) but all relevant interrupts are masked in the IMR...

    -2) I can't figure out the address that must be passed to MCD_startDma. I tried kernel addresses and physical addresses (gotten via virt_to_phys(ptr)). Neither of them does work on memory-to-memory transfers. Also, I really don't know if addresses in the MBAR region should be translated to physical or not.
    I checked the FEC driver and it seems that memory addresses should be translated via "virt_to_phys", while peripheral registers should not, but i'm not sure of that, as there seems to be no effect.

    Does anybody have a clue? (or pointers? *pun inteded* )
    Thanks a lot in advance for the help,

    Luca Burelli
    DEI-University of Padua (Italy)
    New Member
    New Member

    06 Feb 2006 01:58 AM
    I forgot to add that in the debug process I also found out a bug in the DMA API that is supplied with the kernel. I thought this was an exact copy of the Freescale supplied one, but it turns out it is not.
    Try adding
    #include "MCD_tasksInit.h"
    in MCD_tasksInit.c in the linux-2.4.26/drivers/dma subdir of the latest Logic BSP!
    Who on earth forgot to do that must be shot...

    There are differences in the microcode too-- but I can't get neither of them to work... please help.
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