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Last Post 21 Apr 2006 02:28 PM by  Anonymous
Need help with CF Drivers
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09 Apr 2006 10:22 PM
    Hello, I am using the CF drivers from the bsps package (lh79520_sdk_cf_driver.c) provided by sharp and I am having a lot of trouble.

    What I am trying to do is read data from the compact flash card given a sector. (as told by the bsps code).

    this is what i have:
    RAM_STAT is linked to the SDRAM on my Logic Board. (i am only writing 16 bytes for testing purposes).

    typedef struct
    UNS_16 data1;
    UNS_16 data2;
    UNS_16 data3;
    UNS_16 data4;
    UNS_16 data5;
    UNS_16 data6;
    UNS_16 data7;
    UNS_16 data8;

    } RAM_START;

    #define RAM_ADD (0x00000000)
    #define RAM_STAT ((RAM_START *)(RAM_ADD))

    int main(void)
    UNS_16 data[256];

    cfmem_init () //initialize
    cfmem_set_sector (5); //set sector number
    cfmem_read_data (data, sizeof(data));

    (RAM_STAT->data1) = (UNS_16) data[0];
    (RAM_STAT->data2) = (UNS_16) data[1];
    (RAM_STAT->data3) = (UNS_16) data[2];
    (RAM_STAT->data4) = (UNS_16) data[3];
    (RAM_STAT->data5) = (UNS_16) data[4];
    (RAM_STAT->data6) = (UNS_16) data[5];
    (RAM_STAT->data7) = (UNS_16) data[6];
    (RAM_STAT->data8) = (UNS_16) data[7];

    return 0;

    After i execute the code, I examine the SDRAM location of where I stored the data, and the data is always "0xFFFF". I tried changing to different sectors, but I still get the same results. Can anybody help?

    21 Apr 2006 02:28 PM
    Hi Andy,

    Since it's been awhile since you've posted this with no response I would recommend contacting Sharp for assistance on this if you haven't already. Sharp also has forums here:

    You are not authorized to post a reply.