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Last Post 08 Aug 2005 12:39 PM by  Anonymous
Restoring Corrupt Bolo/Lolo
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New Member

New Member

02 Aug 2005 11:17 AM
    I need to restore Lolo on my LH75401-11 engine card that is plugged into a Zoom Dev Kit. I've read AN248 Restoring a Corrupt Bolo/Lolo with an ARM Multi-ICE JTAG, but the only catch is that I don't have an ARM Multi-ICE JTAG.

    How can I restore Lolo using a 20-pin Wiggler?




    02 Aug 2005 12:06 PM

    These are instructions for the LH79520 but the process is the same for the LH75401 card engine.

    Objective: To install BoLo bootloader to a LH79520-10 Zoom SDK using either a Wiggler or Raven
    JTAG debugger.
    o LH79520-10 Zoom SDK with power supply
    o Windows 2000 PC
    o Wiggler or Raven JTAG debugger from Macraigor Systems LLC (
    o Null modem serial cable to connect PC and LH79520-10 Zoom SDK
    o Parallel cable to connect PC and Wiggler or Raven JTAG device
    o Cygwin with arm-elf-gdb toolset installed
    o OCDemonLibRemote-Cygwin.exe (download and installed from either or For further instructions refer to the Downloading OCDLibRemote section below.
    o LH79520-10 Card engine specific bootstrap and BoLo ram code files (download from
    § bs_79520_dbg.elf
    § bolo_LLH79520_10_LCE_strip_RAM
    o TeraTerm

    Downloading OCDLibRemote:
    1) go to
    2) select “FREE SOFTWARE”
    3) select “GNU tools -> For 95 98 NT 2000 ... Everything you need can be downloaded from here.”
    4) select “Install on Windows”
    5) select either:
    § DOWNLOAD Arm7T/Arm9T/Netsilicon GNU toolkit
    § DOWNLOAD Arm7/Arm9/Netsilicon LibRemote
    6) Once the file has downloaded to your computer, double-click it. OCDLibRemote.exe and associated files will be installed on your computer to: Cygwin/usr/local/bin.
    Note: examples are located in the /tmp/OCDemon/Arm7/Sharp79520 directory

    BoLo Installation Procedure:
    1) Download and install the OCDLibRemote software from (Refer to Downloading OCDLibRemote instructions above.)
    2) Create a folder under Cygwin to store LH79520-10 Card engine specific bootstrap and BoLo ram files. Example: Cygwin/usr/local/bin
    3) Download LH79520-10 Card engine specific bootstrap and BoLo ram files from to folder created in step #2.
    a. bs_79520_dbg.elf
    b. bolo_LLH79520_10_LCE_strip_RAM
    4) Unzip the specific files in their respective folders. (Note: this step may not be necessary.)
    5) Set the LH79520-10 Zoom SDK J6 JTAG jumpers to JTAG Operation setting as follows:
    1. J6.1.3.5: +
    2. J6.2.4.6: --
    6) Connect the Wiggler/Raven JTAG debugger to the LH79520-10 Zoom SDK.
    1. Verify J36 JTAG header pin 1 (labeled on application board) is connected to JTAG ribbon cable connector pin 1 (designated with arrow on connector and dark line on ribbon cable).
    2. Connect the Wiggler/Raven to the parallel cable. Connect the parallel cable to the parallel port of the PC.
    7) Use the Null-modem serial cable to connect the LH79520-10 Zoom SDK to the PC.
    Open up a TeraTerm window. (Refer to the Zoom SDK User Manual for details.)
    9) Connect the power supply to the App-Kit.
    10) Open up a Cygwin Window. Change to the OCDLibRemote directory.
    Example: cd /usr/local/bin
    11) Start the Wiggler/Raven server by entering the appropriate command at the Cygwin prompt.
    1. For Wiggler: ./OCDLibRemote.exe -c SharpArm7 -d WIGGLER -a 1 -s 4
    2. For Raven: ./OCDLibRemote.exe -c SharpArm7 -d RAVEN -a 1 -s 4
    12) Open up a second Cygwin Window. Change to the directory of LH79520-10 BoLo RAM and Bootstrap file. Example: cd /usr/local/bin
    13) In the second Cygwin window, start the debugger by typing in the following command after the prompt:
    14) The arm-elf-gdb toolset will initialize and give a “(gdb)” prompt. After this, enter the following:
    (gdb) target remote localhost:8888
    (gdb) load load bs_79520_dbg.elf
    (gdb) c
    15) Wait a few seconds, then hit the ‘CTRL’ and ‘C’ keys to stop the bootstrap code.
    16) Enter the following:
    (gdb) load bolo_LLH79520_10_LCE_strip_RAM
    (gdb) c ]
    17) Click the previously opened TeraTerm window. BoLo should be running. Hit the ‘ENTER’ key and BoLo should respond by providing another “Losh>” prompt. Note: this is a RAM only version of BoLo. It’s purpose is to burn a BoLo and LoLo bootloader to flash memory. Resetting the LH79520-10 SDK at this point will erase this BoLo and necessitate this entire procedure to be repeated.
    18) Use TeraTerm to update BoLo to the latest released BoLo Flash version, available from Logic’s download site. Refer to the Zoom SDK User Manual for further instructions.
    19) Use TeraTerm to update LoLo to the latest released BoLo Flash version, available from Logic’s download site. Refer to the Zoom SDK User Manual for further instructions.
    20) Return to the first Cygwin window and type ‘CTRL-C’ to stop the Wiggler server.
    21) Cycle power to the LCE board. You should observe LoLo coming up in the TeraTerm window.
    22) Congratulations, you have just restored BoLo and LoLo to your Card Engine.
    1. Restore the J6 JTAG Jumper settings to normal operation.
    2. Unplug the Wiggler/Raven JTAG Debugger from the J36 header.

    For information regarding available arm-elf-gdb commands, please refer to the gdb help section. To enable it, type ‘help’ after the gdb toolset has been initialized.


    New Member

    New Member

    03 Aug 2005 06:11 PM

    I started to go through your detailed procedure to restore Bolo, but I got stuck in the Downloading of the OCDLibRemote section.

    I went to and downloaded the
    ARM7T/ARM9T/NetSilicon GNU Toolkit v2.03 (binutils-2.15, gcc-3.4.0, and insight-6.1-macraigor1). I then ran the installation by double-clicking on the freshly downloaded file.

    I then do a search for OCDLibRemote.exe file on my machine and no such file exists anywhere on my machine. I was hoping to find it in the Cygwin/usr/local/bin directory. I also didn't see the examples that were supposed to be located in the /tmp/OCDemon/Arm7/Sharp79520 directory. Did I miss some crucial step? Please advise.

    I take it there is no way of downloading a LoLo elf file through the Rowley IDE via a JTAG wiggler to restore LoLo?




    08 Aug 2005 12:39 PM

    You may be able to modify the process contained in this application note to work with your tool set:

    I do not have any experience with the Macraigor toolset so you may want to get in touch with their support department for more information. I know that they have supported developers on our card engine with similar situations before.

    Please post back here if I can assist further.

    Thank you,
    You are not authorized to post a reply.