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Last Post 05 Aug 2003 04:30 PM by  Anonymous
Problem bringing up Bootloader
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05 Aug 2003 11:38 AM
    I just bought a Zoom Starter development kit with the card engine LH75401. I installed the Tera Term software and powered up the board. I did not see what you show in the Fig 4.2 - LogicLoader Menu. Instead this is what I saw.
    I have connected to Com2 and I know com2 works very well with my other application. While running Tera Term - it's the only that is accesing Com2.

    05 Aug 2003 04:30 PM

    After reading your problem I suspect the JTAG jumpers are not in the correct position for normal operation. Please refer to the JTAG settings table (figure 3.3) of the Zoom Quickstart Guide. According to the table both J6.1.3.5 and J6.2.4.6 are to be set to '+'. Please verify they are both set to '+'.

    If both JTAG jumpers aren't set to '+', disconnect power from the kit, move the jumpers to the correct position, and try again. The kit should now be functioning correctly.


    Andrew Wawra
    Tech Support
    Logic Product Development
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