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Last Post 08 Oct 2009 01:56 AM by  gokbektas
Can not run GNU Tools under Cygwin-Windows
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08 Oct 2009 01:56 AM
    1- Downloaded and unpacked the from LogicPD website
    2- Run setup.exe

    2a. Welcome Screen > Next
    2b. Choose a Download Source > Install From Local Directory > Next
    2c. Select Root Install Directory >

    Root Directory : C:\cygwin
    Install for: All Users
    Default Text File Type : Unix > Next

    2d. Select Local Package Directory > E:\Logic\LH7A404\Software Development Tools\cygwin > Next
    2e. Select Packages >

    All : Default
    Misc : Default
    > Next

    2f. Progress - Cygwin starts being installed.
    2g. Installation completes. Create icons on desktop and Start Menu. > Finish

    3. Download and execute

    "e:\Logic\LH7A404\Software Development Tools\gnutools_install-logicpd-v3-1.exe"

    3a. GNU Cross Development Toolchain
    Cygwin directory identified at [ c:\cygwin ] > Next

    3b. Choose Arm tools to install ( ARM - LH75401-LH79520-LH7a400-LH7a404, imx31.... )
    > Install

    3c. Installing arm-tools > Finish

    4. Download and install:


    4a. Welcome screen. Cygwin directory identified at [C:\cygwin] > Next

    4b. Select Sample Applications > Next

    4c. Destination Folder :

    C:\cygwin\home\logic\sample_app\2.3.5 >Install


    5. Run Cygwin

    Copying skeleton files
    The files are for the user to personalise
    their cygwin experience

    These will never be overwritten

    Gkhn@x ~

    (Command line appears)

    cd /home/logic/sample_app/2.3.5/led_flasher/

    Gkhn@x cd /home/logic/sample_app/2.3.5/led_flasher/

    (directory changed)
    $ make clean >enter

    rm *.o arch/*/*.o

    $ make > enter

    Sample Application Build Tool

    module? 8 > enter (LLH7a404_11)

    Select Program Location:

    2 > enter (ram)

    Then please see the screenshot. arm-elf-gcc.exe gives an exception message.


    None of the executables placed in "cygwin/logicpd/gnutools/v3-1/bin" ie. arm-elf-ar.exe, arm-elf-cpp.exe, arm-elf-nm.exe, arm-elf-strip.exe, wish84.exe, none of them work. They all give the same exception handler message. I believe somehow they are not valid executable files for Cygwin under Windows.

    The executable files under "cygwin/logicpd/gnutools/v3-1/arm-elf/bin" runs without exception messages. ie. gcc.exe, ar.exe, ld.exe

    I completed all steps by including all processors and source code in STEP 3B. It does not work.

    My OS is Windows XP Professional and CPU is Intel Q6000 2.4GHz Quad Core CPU. We've Fedora, Ubuntu and Pardus Linux distributions installed on other machines also.
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