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Last Post 28 Nov 2007 04:20 AM by  mdmect
Help on BDIPro configuration for LPD7a404
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28 Nov 2007 04:20 AM
    Hi everybody,
    I just started to use an LPD7a404 -10 board and I have troubles in connecting my target with the BDI2000 that is equipped only with BDIpro software (v1.12 -ARM for Windows). I set the jumper for JTAG operation as indicated PN_70000248_REv_b.pdf doc and I tried to configure my BDIPro project following the config file that i found in the LPD7a404 BSP package (bsp/misc/bdi2000/lpd7a404.cfg).
    When I try to dump the flash content I get the following message error:
    Processing target init list failed
    BDM: Targed reset always asserted
    On my target GPIO1 and status LED 1 are blinking
    I would appreciate any help on how to configure my BDIPro.
    In the following I list my settings:
    Setup-> Target Init list->Main
    WGPR 11 0xb0013ff0 ; Friendly stack frame for GDB
    WM32 0xb0013ff0 0x28
    WM32 0x80002000 0x200041c0 ; Controller settings for Flash: Bank 0, 32bit
    WM32 0x8000201c 0x1000b2c2 ; 16 bit access to CPLD
    WM32 0x80002040 3 ; Enable PCMCIA slots, bug work-around for CPLD
    WM8 0x71000000 0x01 ; Flash programing enable, VPEN
    WM32 0xb0000000 0 ; Cancel BOLO soft reset
    Setup->Target Memory
    Memory Type: Intel 28F640J3 (4Mx16)
    Databus 32 bit
    CPU Type ARM920T
    JTAG clock 8MHz
    Base Address 0x0000000
    Number of Banks 1
    Workspace 0xB0010000
    Endianess: Little
    Use Target alogirthm [checked]
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