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Last Post 13 Jul 2005 04:37 PM by
Using external devices on a external Chip Select
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13 Jul 2005 04:37 PM
    For those also looking to use an external device like in memory area 1, you will want to remember that LogicLoader does not map all physical memory. You must use the 'remap' command to do this.

    losh> remap 0x10000000 0x10000000 0x200000

    Another note is to be sure you are setting up the BCR# register correctly for how you expect to use the area. For example, on reset, the BCR1 register does not allow proper writes to this area.
    For example, if I wanted a 32 bit, writable area, I would use:
    losh> w /w 0x80002004 0x2000ffe0

    Here are two decent application notes from Sharp, if you have questions about timing of the bus control signals and can't find it in their user guide or data-sheet. For timing details, the Technical Datasheet for the LH7A404 is your best bet.

    -Mike A.
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