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Last Post 03 Mar 2005 10:17 AM by
Can't find Binary BSP Display Reg Keys in Platform Builder
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10 Feb 2005 01:57 AM
    Hi All,
    I recently set up the Binary BSP in Platform Builder in preparation to build an Image. In order for the image to support my display I need to modify the registry accordingly. I had done this previously using the LPD sample image and the remote registry editor but I now would like to include the keys in the platform. I checked common.reg, platform.reg and project.reg but found nothing that looked similar to what I was expecting. Do I need to manualy add these keys somwhere or have I failed to include some crucial component for the display?

    I was expecting to find this key;


    Thanks in advance,

    - Bill

    10 Feb 2005 03:52 PM

    If you're looking to try this for yourself the .reg files for the binary drivers can be found at the following path:


    Once you've saved these changes rebuild the BSP and Sysgen your image and the changes will be in the image.

    However I would recommend having Logic work with you under contract to get this LCD up and running. I'm not exactly sure which LCD you're using but there may be unknown issues that will crop up along the way.

    New Member
    New Member

    03 Mar 2005 10:17 AM
    Check out your reginit.ini file, which gets created during the build process in CE and is in the release directory for your project. It contains all of your .reg files into one. You should find the references to the key you are looking for and references to our lpd_lh7a40x_lcdc_a40x_50_x_x_x.reg file.

    As Aaron pointed out, this file can be found in :
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