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Last Post 25 Jan 2005 12:42 PM by  Anonymous
Problems Establishing ActiveSync connection?
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24 Jan 2005 08:49 AM
    Hi All,

    When attempting step: 6 in the, Zoom Starter Development Kit Windows CE Evaluation Guide, I get the following error message;

    Unable to Connect
    The Microsoft ActiveSync Reported the following error: Unable to establish a connection with the device. Please check server configuration settings.

    I noticed that my development board has C72 installed, with respect to the USB reset problem documented on the Logic website. Is this known to cause this type of problem?

    What are the server configuration settings?

    I currently have Embedded Visual C++ 4.0 with SP4 installed, I have installed the USBF driver and am able to see the USB device in my system settings.

    Is their something else I need to do to get ActiveSync to connect?

    If I am not mistaken ActiveSync does get fully installed with Embedded Visual C++ 4.0 is that correct?

    - Bill

    24 Jan 2005 06:49 PM

    Please verify that you have ActiveSync 3.7.1 ( the latest ) on your system. In addition tot that please confirm that you've installed the Logic USB Workstation driver onto your machine. Without this driver installed you will not be able to connect over activesync.

    You're going to want to point Windows the file name 'WCEUSBSH.INF'.

    Contained in this file you'll find the following instructions toward the bottom.

    1. Plug the platform USB cable into the host USB port.
    - A 'Found new USB device' dialog box should appear.
    - The device should be identified automatically.
    - ActiveSynce should start automatically.
    - The devices should connect automatically.

    2. If the connection is not made,
    - Verify on the ActiveSync <File><Connection Settings> menu
    that USB connections are allowed.

    3. After connecting a "Set Up a Partnership" dialog box will appear.
    - Select "No".
    - Do not setup a partnership.
    - WinCE 4.0 as a standard product did not allow partnerships.
    This functionality existed at one time, was removed by Microsoft,
    and subsequently re-enabled (via Microsoft QFE).
    - The 'Partnership' ability can be added to any CE 4.x platform.
    - The very nature of 'Partnership' warrants that this type of
    functionality be made for a specific device and not at the Board
    Support Package level.

    4. Windows Explorer on you host machine.
    - Can be used to view the file system on the CE device.
    - Can be used to transfer files to/from the CE device.

    5. Platform Builder remote tools.
    - Open <Tools><Remote Registry Editor>
    - Click on <Connection><Configure Windows CE Platform Manager...>
    - Expand <+> the CEPB 4.x Default Device box.
    - Click on <Add Device>. Name it appropriately.
    - Highlight the new device name. Click <Properties>.
    - Select 'Microsoft ActiveSync' as the Transport Component.
    - Click <Test> to verify that that connection is established.
    - Click <OK>.

    6. Other Platform Builder remote tools are also now accessible.

    New Member
    New Member

    25 Jan 2005 12:40 PM
    After installing ActiveSync 3.7.1 everything worked like a charm.

    Again Thanks,
    - Bill

    25 Jan 2005 12:42 PM
    Glad to hear it!

    Please feel free to post any insights or things that you think would be more helpful for you along these lines.

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