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Last Post 27 Nov 2019 04:47 AM by  Sergey Brandis
Audio on BT headphone on DM3730
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Sergey Brandis
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27 Nov 2019 04:47 AM


    Hello, everyone! 

    We want to transfer audio from DM3730 to BT headset under Linux OS(under our project). That's why we create a project on C/C++ with library bluez. For now, we have successfully developed a connection establishing code and RFCOMM link connection.
    AFAIK next step is SCO socket link establishment (am I right?)
    We would like to use A2DP (source). But we can't transfer audio buffer(data) to BT headset. Maybe somebody has a similar project. Maybe somebody can give useful advice about transfer audio data.

    Thanks a lot,