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0 Replies and 471 Views Torpedo 37xx SoM McBSP1 driver  471  0 Started by  satish kumar Hi, Our Hardware platform is based LogicPD Torpedo 37xx SoM module running Linux kernel version 4.9.89 We want to enable and use McBSP1 for data interface. The MCBSP1 is enabled in dts file with relevant pincntrl. Please provide information on how to use the McBSP1 driver with user application. Best Regards, Satish.
0 471
25 Oct 2021 06:51 AM
0 Replies and 725 Views Net-snmp update  725  0 Started by  Daniel Dodge Has anyone upgraded to a later version of net-snmp (version > 5.5)   Could anyone provide an example or particularly and net-snmp.spec I think this is as easy as finding an updated *.gz file and then creating a hash file for it.  Then just updating the *.spec file.  It has been a while since I worked with Ltib so I might not be a hundred percent clear on this. Does this cause various other libraries to need updating as well We believe the old version of net-snmp (5...
0 725
10 Dec 2019 10:48 AM
1 Replies and 1222 Views WiFi Firmware Updates  1222  1 Started by  Adam Ford The various radios contain closed-source binary blobs maintained by TI and posted to the linux-firmware repo located:   To use the latest firmware images clone the repository with: git clone git://   Navigate to the ti-connectivity directory inside the newly created linux-firmware directory.  Inside, there will...
1 1222
by  Adam FordJump to last post
27 Sep 2018 07:30 AM
17 Replies and 3215 Views Mainstream DM37x Linux  3215  17 Started by  Adam Ford A beta BSP has been released for the DM3730 / AM3703 Torpedo and Torpedo Wireless products with mainstream Linux 4.4.x kernel.   This BSP has not been fully tested, not all features on the baseboard are enabled, but it can provide a nice starting point for users wishing to have a newer kernel and libraries.  This BSP uses vanilla kernel with a device tree for the Torpedo Wireless which can be modified to support the non-wireless Torpedo.  Kernel 4.4 was selected because of its l...
17 3215
by  William DeningerJump to last post
21 Aug 2018 02:51 PM
3 Replies and 1229 Views null pointer exceptions in logicpd-new-productid.c  1229  3 Started by  Marco Fonseca Not sure where to report bugs, here as good as any other The error path causes null pointer exceptions.  Something like below is needed. --- a/logicpd-new-productid.c   2018-05-23 17:38:32.678514618 -0400                                                                            b/logicp...
3 1229
by  Marco FonsecaJump to last post
30 May 2018 11:52 AM
6 Replies and 1418 Views DM37 Audio on Modern (4.4) Kernels  1418  6 Started by  Adam Ford The Audio on the baseboard is routed through the twl4030 PMIC.   When the audio driver is loaded &39;omap-twl4030 sound: twl4030-hifi 49022000.mcbsp mapping ok&39; should appear in dmesg.   In order to use the audio, the alsa packages need to be installed. From the buildroot directory: type make menuconfig Target Packages - > Audio and Video Applications -> alsa-utils Leave the default options selected and add alsamixer, aplay and speaker test   Build...
6 1418
by  Adam FordJump to last post
30 May 2018 06:54 AM
2 Replies and 1026 Views RTC issues on 4.9.x ?  1026  2 Started by  Marco Fonseca Hello Adam,                                                                                 &nb...
2 1026
by  Marco FonsecaJump to last post
23 Apr 2018 08:25 AM
39 Replies and 5060 Views Ubuntu on torpedo DM3730  5060  39 Started by  Przemysław Nogieć
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Hi everyone, I've got Torpedo DM3730 wifi development kid for it and i've got guestion: it is possible to boot from SD card 'normal' Ubuntu (eg. 14.04 LTS). If it so, how a can create bootable CD card Thanks for reply. Regards, Przemyslaw
39 5060
by  Adam FordJump to last post
06 Apr 2018 10:43 AM
1 Replies and 1271 Views How to enable NEON SIMD via compiler  1271  1 Started by  Erick Roane We are using the torpedo Linux BSP v2.4.4, and arm-none-linux-gnueabi-g (Sourcery CodeBench Lite 2011.09-70) v4.6.1 We have a series of routines that perform many floating point (float) multipy and accumulate operations.  We are currently using the -mfpu=vfpv3 option, but want to leverage the SIMD capabilities of the NEON core.  We are following the guidance from here: When we use the following compiler opt...
1 1271
by  Adam FordJump to last post
01 Feb 2018 03:38 PM
0 Replies and 1252 Views Modern (4.2) Kernels and I2C1 @ 2.6MHz  1252  0 Started by  Adam Ford Users of the 4.2 kernels should consider one of two patches for the I2C1 bus.  The pin muxing was not setup properly when the board was initially ported.  Users trying to use the I2C1 bus at 2.6MHz should use one of the following patches:   Torpedo: SOM-LV:   These patches configure the pinmux for I2C1 to disable the internal pull-up resistor and utilize t...
0 1252
29 Jan 2018 04:47 PM
1 Replies and 1029 Views Kernel 4.14.y WiFi Bug on Torpedo Wireless  1029  1 Started by  Adam Ford People using Kernel 4.14.y from should be aware there is a bug that misconifgures the MMC3 devices, so the WiFi driver doesn&39;t communicate properly. A fix was later introduced, and a request has been made to back-port this driver. In the meantime, users of 4.14 through 4.14.14 should use the patch located: adam
1 1029
by  Adam FordJump to last post
29 Jan 2018 04:41 PM
1 Replies and 1340 Views Craziness to think of Kernel UBIFS, UBI and MTD updates to 4.4.x  1340  1 Started by  Quentin Lewis We have a shipping product based on the Logic PD AM3517 SOM module, and our code base is built on Linux 2.6.37 which is listed as the supported Linux Kernel on the TI support page. ( There is an “Design-In Notice” published by NAND FLASH maker Macronix that notes two requirements in later major Linux releases 3.8.x and 4.4.x. to properly manage NAND FLASH issues in older releases. (see sections 5.1 and 8.2 of this document: http://www.macro...
1 1340
by  Adam FordJump to last post
18 Dec 2017 10:21 AM
8 Replies and 1861 Views ISP1763 and mainline kernel  1861  8 Started by  Marco Fonseca Hello, I&39;m currently trying to upgrade from the older 3.0 bsp (dm3730 torpedo wireless som) to a newer mainline supported one (4.9.18 kernel).  Unfortunatly, I&39;ve just learned that its not supported by mainline.   I&39;ve seen atleast one patch to bring in the isp1763 in 2013 but it apperently didn&39;t go anywhere.   Adam, you said that some prelimiary work has been started on a bsp release based on a 4.9.x kernel  Has any work been done to forwar...
8 1861
by  Adam FordJump to last post
08 Dec 2017 07:53 AM
1 Replies and 1227 Views Hidraw and 1ms interrupt interval  1227  1 Started by  Chris Keeser We are looking for some help on succesfully acheiving a 1 ms polling rate by the kernel on a Generic HID device.  When the generic HID device is attached to the system and the character device `/dev/hidraw0` is opened and read in a tight loop, the USB device interrupt endpoint is only read every 2 ms, not the requested 1 ms. Device and configuration background: DM3730 torpedo module using kernel 3.0.101 and BSP 2.4-4 DM-37x uname -r 3.0.101-BSP-dm37x-2.4-4 Generic HID sup...
1 1227
by  Adam FordJump to last post
07 Nov 2017 12:37 PM
6 Replies and 1420 Views Beta DM37 BSP Based on Linux 4.4.76 Posted  1420  6 Started by  Adam Ford An updated User Guide with instructions and patches to build Linux 4.4.76 for the Torpedo Wireless have been posted to:   The coresponding Release Notes are located:   Please note this is a beta, and not all SOM or Baseboard features may be available.  ...
6 1420
by  William DeningerJump to last post
02 Nov 2017 01:43 PM
6 Replies and 1440 Views DM3730 use wi-fi direct  1440  6 Started by  JUNGHWA LEE I have failed to connect to WiFi mode. (station mode) ignore_broadcast_ssid=1     failed    (ap mode)   so i&39;m trying to connect to direct mode! So I'm trying to connect to Direct mode. So I'm trying to connect to Direct mode.So I'm trying to connect to Direct mode.So I'm trying to connect to Direct mode.So I'm trying to connect to Direct mode.So I'm trying to connect to Direct mode.So I'm trying to connect to Direct mode.  
6 1440
by  Adam FordJump to last post
26 Jun 2017 07:20 AM
2 Replies and 1480 Views temperature sensor and mainline  1480  2 Started by  Marco Fonseca I couldn&39;t find any modules that handled the temperature sensing on the torpedo som for 4.9.x mainline.   I see the older kernel used omap34xx_temp.c before.  Was this removed from mainline Thanks,   Marco
2 1480
by  Marco FonsecaJump to last post
01 May 2017 09:41 AM
0 Replies and 1547 Views Linux 4.10-RC and Damage to DM37 Torpedo  1547  0 Started by  Adam Ford There was a patch to the Linux Kernel in the 4.10-RC series that appears to break the Smart Reflex.  I have worked with the author of that patch and he has developed a fix.   During the course of testing, the Torpedo Wireless SOM I was using was damaged.  It is unclear whether or not the damage was due to the software, but since Smartreflex is involved with setting the processor voltage, I would suggest people say clear of Kernel 4.10 -RC series until the fix has been appl...
0 1547
14 Feb 2017 01:34 PM
13 Replies and 3515 Views Enable WiFi in Mainstream Linux (Torpedo Wireless)  3515  13 Started by  Adam Ford When building the kernel, make sure the following is enabled in the menuconfig: Networking Support ---> Wireless ---> nl80211 testmode command  If not, the WiFi may not scan. From there, you'll need to copy the NVS file from the 3.0.x kernel BSP. The stock BSP has 3 NVS files.  That driver have been modified to identify the chip type and load the corresponding driver.  Since the mainline kernel does not have this feature, you'll have to manually copy the nvs file.   By ...
13 3515
by  Adam FordJump to last post
08 Nov 2016 11:22 AM
3 Replies and 1530 Views readwrite access to NTFS formatted SD card  1530  3 Started by  Rob Birkner Hello, I'm trying to set up our Torpedo so that we can create large files (>2GB) on an SD card formatted so that it can be read later on windows systems.  It seems that a volume formatted as NTFS or exFat is needed to support that seamlessly.  It looks like the BSP supports NTFS, but not exFat. I've configured ltib to include the NTFS and NTFS rw driver(s) and formatted the SD card partition as NTFS, and can mount the partition so that it appears to be readwrite, but I still can't w...
3 1530
by  Adam FordJump to last post
03 Oct 2016 06:55 AM
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