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Last Post 26 Feb 2010 06:04 PM by  jdkuo@multibeamcorp.com
How Do I Modify SPMF and COREPLL in RCWLR on MPC8360E?
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26 Feb 2010 06:04 PM
    I would like to change the csb and lbc clock speed by modifying the SPMF and COREPLL values in the RCWLR (reset configuration word low register) on MPC8360E-RDK board based on the settings s12 and c4 mentioned in Table 76, p. 97 and 98 on MPC8360E hardware reference manual. Since this is a read-only register, how can I do it? On P. 4-11, the manual mentions the reset configuration words are loaded from local bus or from I2C interface or from hard-coded values during power-on or hard reset flows. How do I save the new values so that it takes effect on next power up? I am new to MPC8360E bootup sequence.