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20 Replies and 5298 Views How to Register an End of Life Product  5298  20 Started by  Axel Walsleben
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I have an Zoom M5475EVBE Dev Board, and i want to Download the Zip Files from the Support Section. But that is not possible when the Product is not registered. But Registering the Product is not possible, because it is not in the product selection list. i tried with an different product, that is accepted, but still no download. Could someone help please.   Thank You.
20 5298
by  Risch GillesJump to last post
15 Jan 2020 11:57 AM
0 Replies and 1984 Views End of Life Notification for MCF5475-MCF5485 Fire Engine SOM  1984  0 Started by  Joe Charboneau The important notice MCF5485 - MCF5475 Fire Engine End of Life Notification document has been released. This document announces the discontinuance of the M5475 and M5485 Fire Engine SOM models and provides information on last time buy and ship dates. You can download this document from the MCF5485 Fire Engine product page or MCF5475 Fire Engine product page on Logic PD&39;s support site.  
0 1984
30 May 2017 09:56 AM
1 Replies and 3277 Views LoLo and Updating the CPLD  3277  1 Started by  Deleted User Q: I'm wondering about the 'update' command in LoLo. 1. What is it capable of updating 2. Can the xc2c64a FPGA on the board be updated with it We have a .upd file, and when I point the update command at it it looks like is running an Altera FPGA programming utility. 3. What is in the .upd file, and how is one created A: 1. The update file is used to update the CPLD 2. Yes 3. I will have to look into whether we have any publicly available instructions on creating the CPLD.
1 3277
by  Dave EdmundsJump to last post
16 Dec 2013 08:23 AM
0 Replies and 2694 Views End of Life Notification for MCF5475 Fire Engine  2694  0 Started by  Deleted User MCF5475 Fire Engine End of Life Notification The M5475CFEE configuration of the MCF5475 Fire Engine has entered End of Life (EOL). Please refer to the EOL notification document for last time buy and last time ship dates, as well as important information regarding the recommended migration route. You can download this document from the MCF5475 Fire Engine product page on Logic PD’s support site or at:
0 2694
21 Nov 2013 01:09 PM
0 Replies and 2585 Views End of Life Notification for Zoom Coldfire EVB Development Kit  2585  0 Started by  Deleted User Revision A of the Zoom Coldfire EVB Development Kit EOL Notification has been released. This document announces the discontinuance of the Zoom Coldfire EVB Development Kit and provides information on last time buy dates, last time ship dates, and suggested migration routes.   You can download this document from the MCF5485 Fire Engine product page or MCF5475 Fire Engine product page on Logic PD's support site or at:
0 2585
07 Oct 2013 04:43 PM
0 Replies and 2571 Views Compact Flash usage in user application on M5485EVB  2571  0 Started by  Deleted User We need to use Compact Flash in our application code. We have mapped CPLD to 0x50000000, with compact flash starting at 0x5A000000. Beginning at this address, I can read the CIS info properly by means of a simple routine. However, when sending the Identify Drive command (0xEC), I receive invalid data through data register. Also, DRQ bit in status register, which signals that data is available for reading, never gets set. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks Chris Xenophontos
0 2571
24 Oct 2012 09:27 PM
0 Replies and 2466 Views Downloading binary and commands  2466  0 Started by  dered Hello! I am making an linux app. for the MCF5485. To make the application runnable I have to do following steps. 1.)Connect with a Terminalemulation 2.)From LoLo download&burn u-boot to flash 3.)From u-boot set enviroment vars, download and copy rImage and uImage to flash. This is not very practicable for manufacturing (higher quantities). I could do a script that downloads and burns the stuff to flash. But still you would have to start the Terminalemulation and type in some commands in ...
0 2466
12 May 2011 02:00 AM
1 Replies and 2804 Views Kernel command line and M5484lite  2804  1 Started by  Deleted User Hello all, I've downloaded the Linux BSP for M5484lite evaluation board and succesfully built kernel image for it. I haven't flashed u-boot (I boot from dBUG). So, I download the kernel image to ram: dBUG> dn -i vmlinux.bin Address: 0x00020000 Downloading Image 'vmlinux.bin' from TFTP transfer completed ...
1 2804
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
16 Mar 2011 08:40 AM
1 Replies and 3131 Views U-boot problem with new M5485BFEE board  3131  1 Started by  kamilgrig We didn't have problems until recent changes in the board. Now we have a problem with u-boot loading. We are using your M5485BFEE boards with Linux BPS m547x_8x_evb_20080811-final-ltib.iso, CF Flasher 3.1.9 and U-boot. Everything was ok untill tou made some changes in board's design and flash memory. Now attempt to write U-boot into EEPROM failes. Steps to reproduce: 1. Flash U-boot 1.3.3. with CF Flasher 3.1.9. On CF Flasher's address request 0xff800000 is entered. 2. Re-power board. Every...
1 3131
by  kamilgrigJump to last post
19 Nov 2010 11:03 AM
1 Replies and 2706 Views Can`t use bootloader on new revision of M5485BFEE  2706  1 Started by  horita I have been used M5485BFEE for a long time without problem on the bootloader. It was revision -0B Now I had received some revision -0C and bootloader is not working. Is there any particular change that could affect bootloader behaviour
1 2706
by  horitaJump to last post
20 Jul 2010 11:20 AM
2 Replies and 2480 Views Restoring the dBUG and LoLo programs to Evaluation Board  2480  2 Started by  plengel For application testing purposes, I would like to download a new application to the Boot ROM of my LogicPD ZOOM MCF5485 Evaluation Board and I would like to know how to back out the changes and restore the factory flash contents before I continue my application testing. I believe that there are two items on the factory Boot ROM, the dBUG utility and the LoLo utility. I have found the LoLo S-Record program that I can download from the URL: Howe...
2 2480
by  plengelJump to last post
24 Mar 2010 03:31 PM
1 Replies and 2596 Views Location of Application Flash on MCF5485 Evaluation Board  2596  1 Started by  plengel I would like to test an application by loading it onto the application flash that resides on the MCF5485 Evaluation Board. However I do not know the base address of the User Flash when I am at the dBUG prompt after I restart my board. Can anyone indicate the address of the User Flash space and the location of any supporting documentation so that I can better work independently Kind regards, plengel
1 2596
by  plengelJump to last post
24 Mar 2010 02:22 PM
2 Replies and 2548 Views I2C interface/Connector for MCF5485EVB  2548  2 Started by  rgirme Hello, I am working with MCF5485EVB. I have a Wii Nunchuk which I need to connect to the board using I2C interface. The connections for Wii are Power(3.3V), Data, Clock, Gnd. Refer to this site if required( ... rs/Nunchuk). I have been checking the schematics and board layout but have not found anything concrete. Is there any connector/adapter available which I can directly connect to the board Or plug the Nunchuk to existing connection on the board. I am...
2 2548
by  rgirmeJump to last post
03 Aug 2009 01:48 PM
0 Replies and 2138 Views Copying Directories in LogicLoader  2138  0 Started by  Tyler_Nehowig Maybe I'm just not seeing it here, but is there any way to copy a directory in Logic Loader Specifically, I'm trying to move both files and folders (which do contain files) from the Compact Flash card to a yaffs partition in NAND Flash. I can move the files using the cp command (such as my NK.BIN), but I can't figure out if there's any possible way to move a directory. I could make a script that would move each file individually. However, for future updates with new files, this script wo...
0 2138
12 Jun 2009 12:07 PM
0 Replies and 2032 Views PowerDown Video on M5485HFEE (via PCI_VID_POWERDOWN signal)  2032  0 Started by  cdan Hello, We are trying to replace a BFEE module with a HFEE (due to availability) and whould like to keep the video controller into shutdown mode since not used. How can we control the PCI_VID_POWERDOWN signal (comes out from CPLD) Is there available specification that describe the CPLD mapping into memory space and contol of output pins We want to control the PCI_VID_POWERDOWN pin from Linux and be able to script the video controller shutdown using "devmem" type commands. Plea...
0 2032
06 Apr 2009 09:33 AM
0 Replies and 2060 Views Chip select 5 register settings  2060  0 Started by  newuser Does anyone know what the typical settings are for the chip select 5 registers CSMR5 and CSCR5 I’m trying to access the “CF Card Access Area” block. Thanks Newuser
0 2060
05 Feb 2009 11:17 AM
0 Replies and 1978 Views CF Card Access Area  1978  0 Started by  newuser Is there a document that shows how the CF Card Access Area is mapped. In other words is this a block of memory mapped as a ATA IDE interface or something else Newuser
0 1978
29 Jan 2009 08:16 AM
1 Replies and 2474 Views Real Time extensions (RTAI ) for Coldfire 5485  2474  1 Started by  Deleted User Hi all, I am working with Freescale Coldfire Processor family MCFV4e (MCF5485). We have purchased a development board 5485EVB from LogicPD. We have got Linux 2.6.25 running on the MCF5485 development board. We would like to know are there any real time extensions (RTAI) patch for Linux 2.6.25 available supporting freescale Coldfire MCFv4e (MCF5485) architecture Regards, Sudeep
1 2474
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
22 Jan 2009 03:39 PM
0 Replies and 2021 Views LCD interface with MCF5329EVB  2021  0 Started by  desparc I am trying to connect an LCD to the MCF5329EVB. I am having trouble finding information on the LCD controller on the processor other than the timing diagrams in the data sheet. Is more information on the different modes, signals, and registers available anywhere Thanks, David
0 2021
04 Dec 2008 04:41 PM
0 Replies and 2165 Views MCF5475 Fire Engine PCI_IDSEL  2165  0 Started by  traceeworel For a breadboard we are designing, we are using 2 Fire Engine modules mounted on a host board. The final design will be using the PCI bus for communication between Coldfire processors. I would like to connect both Fire Engine MCF5475s to the same PCI bus on the host board, but it appears to me that because the PCI_IDSEL is wired to PCI_AD16 on the Fire Engine MCF5475, I can't have both MCF5475s on the same PCI bus. Does anyone have a way around this, or any suggestions
0 2165
30 Oct 2008 07:57 AM
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