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Last Post 08 Sep 2010 06:17 AM by  adnan.waheed@4mwireless.com
Configure & enable USBOTG in gadget mode on iMX31 Litekit
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08 Sep 2010 06:17 AM
    I am trying to configure USB OTG on i.MX31 Litekit in device mode. The goal is to have a high speed raw data channel between the Host and Target. So far I have not been able to figure out how to do it. I havent found any steps mentioned any where. I have read the imx31 manual (not completely, its too big) and have tried lot of different things that i thought should work i.e IOMUX setting, PORTSC1 register setting and etc.

    I am kind of new to this field so can any one plz help me out here. I am not running any OS so its just my code on the board.

    I will be very thankful if someone can give me steps right from start i.e when the board is reset. What should my code do first and after that and after that.