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0 Replies and 1785 Views Fixed focus or AF?  1785  0 Started by  kraigp What type of camera is in the Zoom MDK Specifically, is it a fixed focus module, or an auto focus module
0 1785
07 Oct 2008 02:24 PM
0 Replies and 1766 Views how to boot the MDK  1766  0 Started by  Deleted User how to get the tool chains, i can not download from the website. i am a newer, how to boot the MDK.
0 1766
18 Sep 2008 02:54 AM
0 Replies and 1284 Views Kits available?  1284  0 Started by  Deleted User Does anyone know if these kits are available Digi-Key keeps pushing their delivery date, and Avnet and Arrow show no stock. I'd like to get started with it ASAP. Thanks!
0 1284
11 Sep 2008 12:03 PM
6 Replies and 1470 Views u-boot downloading  1470  6 Started by  manubotte Hi, Unfortunately, I totally erase the NAND flash of the board. Is it possible to download the boot loader without J-Tag connection Thanks for help
6 1470
by  nathankJump to last post
10 Sep 2008 08:14 AM
2 Replies and 1394 Views boot conditions  1394  2 Started by  GONZALEZ Laurent hi, what is the state of the platform as soon as I issue a "go" command at loader command line is MMU on state of clocks, peripherals, interconnect ... Let's say that I simply wants to output a char using uart1, do I need to enable some clocks, gpio muxers, or fully reconfigure the UART Thanks for help.
2 1394
by  GONZALEZ LaurentJump to last post
05 Sep 2008 09:09 AM
0 Replies and 1388 Views Audio issue in OMAP3430  1388  0 Started by  Deleted User There is high amplitude of background noise and audio is not all smooth. First we checked with coping some data to .dev/dsp directory, even with this also there is lot of disturbance, same thing we compared playing on PC which was smooth, so we can conclude that decoder (aplay or mplayer) is not adding extra noise and the problem may be in driver or hardware. On running aplay we are getting lot of underrun errors. Even we tried playing low frequency sound of 250 Hz sine wave even that is not smo...
0 1388
18 Aug 2008 06:24 AM
0 Replies and 1350 Views NAND flash  1350  0 Started by  manubotte Hello I'm working with a Zoom board (LDP3430-VG1.0.0). I need to know the exact references about the Micron NAND flash. I've some problems with the lock and unlock process. Thanks in advance.
0 1350
31 Jul 2008 09:07 AM
0 Replies and 1355 Views Use of JTAG  1355  0 Started by  Deleted User Can anybody who has used this board with JTAG and CCS reply here as to which version works fine. Any bugs / issues ~Prajwal S
0 1355
24 Jun 2008 01:17 AM
0 Replies and 1434 Views Help! TWL4030 problem!!  1434  0 Started by  Deleted User Hi.. Lately we just got this zoom board and try to capture an image from it (We're doing camera sensor business), however, it just doesn't work. Here is the detailed info. 1) TWL4030 problem After I insert battery connector to socket, the board begin to boot. Then I got a log(see attachment) which indicated omap3430 can't get response from twl4030. 2) ov3640 driver question a. GPIO setting Is this definition correct In Schematics, CAMERA_POWER_DOWN seems should be GPIO_7, I also try that , b...
0 1434
18 Jun 2008 11:38 AM
0 Replies and 1426 Views Audio Codec  1426  0 Started by  jcardona Section 2.6 of the OMAP3430 SOM-LV Hardware Specification says: Quote: 2.6 Audio Codec (...) See the “Audio” chapter in the TWL4030 Technical Reference Manual for more information. NOTE: The SOM-LV also offers alternate serial interfaces for other codec devices. If you are looking for a different codec option, Logic has previously interfaced different high-performance audio codecs into other SOMs. 1. I was unable to find any technical documentation on the TWL4030. Could you help me locate t...
0 1426
17 Jun 2008 12:03 PM
0 Replies and 1774 Views Mobile Development Kit Serial Port  1774  0 Started by  Deleted User There have been several question about connecting the MDK to a terminal program. The UART header is located under the back cover, near the battery connection. It is a 10 pin header and uses the following pinout. DB-9 IDC-10 Pin 1 Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 3 Pin 5 Pin 4 Pin 7 Pin 5 Pin 9 Pin 6 Pin 2 Pin 7 Pin 4 Pin 8 Pin 6 Pin 9 Pin 8 A cable was not included in the Beta Kits. They are available at several retailers. Here is just one example - and it's ON SALE.
0 1774
28 Apr 2008 12:55 PM
0 Replies and 1405 Views Welcome Developers!  1405  0 Started by  Deleted User Thanks for stopping by the new OMAP3430 MDK forum. Our goal is to allow you to post questions and solutions to help everyone make the most of their development kits. We will try to stay out of your way as much as possible and chime in whenever we can be helpful. Good Luck with your projects! The LogicPD Technical Support Team
0 1405
17 Mar 2008 08:13 AM
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