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Last Post 12 Feb 2010 12:56 PM by  richard.laborde@logicpd.com
ZOOM II MDK (OMAP 3430) board is not getting detected on XP
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11 Feb 2010 03:42 AM

    I am having ZOOM II MDK (OMAP 3430) board.
    I have installed CSST Tool provided by TI for flashing on OMAP.
    When I connect ZOOM II MDK to WinXP, driver wizards pop's up for installation of OMAP 3430 drivers. After driver installation device manager doesn't list up 'TI Sample Boards'.

    Also, I want to flash Android Image on OMAP 3430 using CSST Tools provided by TI.
    What NAND address I should provide for MLO,u-boot.bin,uMultiImage & FileSystem files

    Please provide me some info on how to do it.

    Murtuza Arif
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    12 Feb 2010 12:56 PM

    All software support on the Zoom2 is coming from TI on the omapzoom site. They have instructions for booting/flashing/updating. CSST is a TI tool so you'll need to get help from them on CSST questions.