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  DateTitle NoteSize

Product Information

 4/1/2008Zoom OMAP34x Mobile Development Kit Product BriefProduct Information18811881pdf Rev B .pdf191 Kb-15

Product Change Notification

 5/29/2009Zoom OMAP34x MDK End of Life NotificationProduct Change Notification18801880pdf Rev A .pdf46 Kb-15

Hardware Documents

 5/14/2008OMAP3430 SOM-LV Hardware SpecificationHardware Documents18821882pdf Rev 2 .pdf746 Kb-15

Hardware Design Files

 4/7/2008OMAP3430 SOM-LV BOMHardware Design Files18841884pdf Note .pdf35 Kb02
 4/7/2008OMAP3430 SOM-LV Layout FilesHardware Design Files18881888pdf Note .pdf574 Kb03
 3/6/2008OMAP3430 SOM-LV SchematicsHardware Design Files18911891pdf Note .pdf143 Kb04
 4/7/2008Zoom MDK Baseboard BOMHardware Design Files18941894pdf Note .pdf37 Kb05
 4/7/2008Zoom MDK Baseboard Layout FilesHardware Design Files18971897pdf Note .pdf433 Kb06
 4/7/2008Zoom MDK Baseboard SchematicsHardware Design Files19001900pdf Rev 4 .pdf196 Kb07
 2/18/2008OMAP3430 SOM-LV SolidWorks 3-D Model FilesHardware Design Files19031903zip Beta .zip20.5 Mb09

User Manuals

 3/31/2008Zoom Mobile Development Kit QuickStart GuideUser Manuals19041904pdf Rev A .pdf843 Kb-15

Application Notes

 10/2/2008AN 395 Zoom OMAP34x MDK Battery RechargingApplication Notes19051905pdf Rev A .pdf333 Kb-15

White Papers

 12/3/2007WP 362 Schematic Differences between TI and Logic Labrador BaseboardsWhite Papers19061906pdf Rev A .pdf26 Kb05

Software Development Tools

 10/2/2008Bootable microSD Card for OMAP34x MDKSoftware Development Tools19071907zip Rev A .zip87 Kb05