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  DateTitle NoteSize

Product Information

 10/3/2007MPC8360 COM Express SOM Product BriefProduct Information19511951pdf Rev B .pdf610 Kb-15
 10/3/2007Zoom PowerQUICC Development Kit Product BriefProduct Information19521952pdf Rev B .pdf170 Kb-15
 6/19/2014Zoom 4.3 WQVGA Display Kit BriefProduct Information15501550pdf Rev A .pdf121 Kb-18

Product Change Notification

 3/15/2010Freescale MPC8360 COM Express SOM End of Life NotificationProduct Change Notification19501950pdf Rev A .pdf93 Kb-15

Hardware Documents

 10/23/2007MPC8360 COM Express SOM Hardware SpecificationHardware Documents19531953pdf Rev A .pdf1.3 Mb-15

Hardware Design Files

 10/23/2007MPC8360 COM Express SOM BOMHardware Design Files19551955pdf Note .pdf38 Kb05
 10/23/2007MPC8360 COM Express SOM LayoutHardware Design Files19591959pdf Note .pdf2.7 Mb05
 10/23/2007MPC8360 COM Express SOM SchematicsHardware Design Files19571957pdf Note .pdf411 Kb05
 10/23/2007PowerQUICC Development Kit Baseboard BOMHardware Design Files19731973pdf Note .pdf33 Kb07
 10/23/2007PowerQUICC Development Kit Baseboard Layout (.MAX)Hardware Design Files19791979MAX Note .MAX1.4 Mb07
 10/23/2007PowerQUICC Development Kit Baseboard Layout (.pdf)Hardware Design Files19811981pdf Note .pdf1.5 Mb07
 10/23/2007PowerQUICC Development Kit Baseboard Schematics (.dsn)Hardware Design Files19751975DSN Rev 4 .DSN5.9 Mb07
 10/23/2007PowerQUICC Development Kit Baseboard Schematics (.pdf)Hardware Design Files19771977pdf Rev 4 .pdf297 Kb07

User Manuals

 11/16/2007PowerQUICC Development Kit QuickStart GuideUser Manuals19611961pdf Rev C .pdf996 Kb-11

Application Notes

 11/27/2007AN 356 PowerQUICC FlexATX Baseboard 12V Power Supply vs. ATX Power Supply UsageApplication Notes19661966pdf Rev A .pdf25 Kb-15
 1/7/2008AN 368 MPC8360 COM Express SOM Thermal DissipationApplication Notes19671967pdf Rev A .pdf28 Kb-15
 11/1/2007Important Notice - MPC8360E-RDK Boots to Functional Test instead of U-BootApplication Notes19681968pdf Rev A .pdf73 Kb-15

White Papers

 11/14/2023WP 293 Model Number Explanation & DecoderWhite Papers13781378pdf Rev Q .pdf349 Kb-15
 6/27/2008WP 385 MPC8360 COM Express SOM Radiated Emissions ScanWhite Papers19691969pdf Rev A .pdf30 Kb-15


 10/26/2007U-Boot Bootloader for the MPC8360 COM Express SOMBootloader19711971zip 1.1.3 .zip90 Kb01
 10/10/2007MPC8360E-RDK U-Boot LabsBootloader19721972zip Rev A .zip10.6 Mb05


 1/4/2008MPC8360E-RDK Linux BSP User ManualLinux19631963pdf Rev A .pdf243 Kb-12

Software Development Tools

 11/13/2009Tera TermSoftware Development Tools14201420zip v4.63 .zip7.0 Mb-15
 7/5/2013USB-to-UART Chip Driver LinkSoftware Development Tools12751275 Note  0 bytes-15
 10/24/2007USB-to-UART Chip Usage ReadMeSoftware Development Tools12401240txt ReadMe .txt4 Kb-15