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  DateTitle NoteSize

Product Information

 2/18/2013LH79524 Card Engine End of Life NotificationProduct Information23382338pdf Rev A .pdf27 Kb-11
 2/18/2013Zoom LH79524 Starter Development Kit End of Life NotificationProduct Information23392339pdf Rev A .pdf27 Kb-11
 9/17/2007LH79524-10 SOM BriefProduct Information23412341pdf Rev E .pdf218 Kb-13
 11/6/2007LH79524-10 IO Controller BriefProduct Information23402340pdf Rev B .pdf183 Kb-15
 12/20/2006LogicLoader BriefProduct Information14511451pdf Rev H .pdf72 Kb-17
 1/16/2008Zoom Starter Development Kit BriefProduct Information17021702pdf Rev G .pdf113 Kb-17
 6/19/2014Zoom 4.3 WQVGA Display Kit BriefProduct Information15501550pdf Rev A .pdf121 Kb-18

Product Change Notification

 12/7/2004PCN 269 SDK Application Board - C27 RemovedProduct Change Notification23972397pdf Rev A .pdf38 Kb05
 1/12/2005PCN 277 SDK Changes between Rev G and HProduct Change Notification23982398pdf Rev A .pdf37 Kb05
 3/17/2005PCN 283 LH795240-10 Ethernet IssueProduct Change Notification23422342pdf Rev A .pdf122 Kb05
 2/23/2011PCN 468 LH79524 Card Engine NOR Flash ChangeProduct Change Notification23432343pdf Rev A .pdf97 Kb05

Hardware Documents

 11/22/2006LH79524-10 Hardware SpecificationHardware Documents23442344pdf Rev D .pdf1.5 Mb-15
 1/13/2006LH79524-10 IO Controller SpecificationHardware Documents23452345pdf Rev F .pdf777 Kb-15

Hardware Design Files

 4/26/2005LH79524-10 Card Engine BOMHardware Design Files23502350pdf Note .pdf235 Kb05
 4/26/2005LH79524-10 Card Engine LayoutHardware Design Files23522352pdf Note .pdf28.9 Mb05
 4/26/2005LH79524-10 Card Engine SchematicHardware Design Files23542354pdf Rev 4 .pdf226 Kb05
 9/12/2005LH79524-10 SDK App Board BOMHardware Design Files23562356pdf Note .pdf1.0 Mb07
 4/27/2005LH79524-10 SDK App Board SchematicHardware Design Files23582358pdf Rev H .pdf192 Kb07
 5/12/2004SDK App Board BOMHardware Design Files23992399pdf Rev F .pdf20 Kb07
 6/26/2007SDK App Board Layout (.MAX)Hardware Design Files24002400MAX Note .MAX1.6 Mb07
 6/26/2007SDK App Board Layout (.PDF)Hardware Design Files24052405pdf Note .pdf786 Kb07
 10/15/2007SDK App Board Schematic (.DSN)Hardware Design Files24092409DSN Rev L .DSN2.1 Mb07
 10/15/2007SDK App Board Schematic (.PDF)Hardware Design Files24142414pdf Rev L .pdf155 Kb07
 5/12/2004SDK App Board Schematic (Connector Symbol File)Hardware Design Files24252425LLB .LLB40 Kb08
 5/12/2004SDK App Board Schematic (Footprint File)Hardware Design Files24262426OLB .OLB20 Kb08

User Manuals

 7/8/2009Zoom SDK QuickStart GuideUser Manuals17031703pdf Rev E .pdf1.1 Mb-11
 11/20/2006Zoom SDK User's ManualUser Manuals17051705pdf Rev K .pdf1.4 Mb-12
 4/27/2009Zoom Display Kit QuickStart Guide (3.6, 6.4, & 12.1)User Manuals16711671pdf Rev J .pdf1.8 Mb-18

Application Notes

 1/8/2009AN 161 Interfacing LCDs to Logic's Development KitsApplication Notes14931493pdf Rev B .pdf277 Kb-15
 1/13/2006AN 175 Interfacing to the On-board ADS7843 Touch ControllerApplication Notes21962196pdf Rev C .pdf140 Kb-15
 6/18/2004AN 186 Using a Cross-over Cable with Logic PD's SDKApplication Notes18081808pdf Rev B .pdf192 Kb-15
 9/14/2004AN 248 Restoring a Corrupt Bolo-Lolo with an ARM Multi-ICE JTAGApplication Notes22022202pdf Rev B .pdf188 Kb-15
 2/2/2005AN 272 LH79524-10 Recommended Ethernet CircuitApplication Notes23672367pdf Rev A .pdf35 Kb-15
 7/22/2005AN 298 Integrating Custom Displays with LogicLoaderApplication Notes14951495pdf Rev B .pdf330 Kb-15
 8/26/2005AN 303 Interfacing to IO Devices via the Static Memory Controller on LH7xxxx Card EnginesApplication Notes22052205pdf Rev A .pdf38 Kb-15
 9/7/2006AN 339 LogicLoader Configuration Block UsageApplication Notes14971497pdf Rev A .pdf63 Kb-15
 7/12/2010AN 435 LH79520 to LH79524 Card Engine MigrationApplication Notes23292329pdf Rev A .pdf236 Kb-15

White Papers

 11/22/2006WP 064 Card Engine Mechanical Interface SpecificationWhite Papers18131813pdf Rev E .pdf237 Kb-15
 7/19/2004WP 184 Multi-Card Engine DesignWhite Papers18141814pdf Rev B .pdf952 Kb-15
 5/25/2005WP 278 LH79524-10 Radiated Emissions ScanWhite Papers23682368pdf Rev A .pdf379 Kb-15
 11/14/2023WP 293 Model Number Explanation & DecoderWhite Papers13781378pdf Rev Q .pdf349 Kb-15
 1/9/2007WP 318 Card Engine Insertion and Extraction ProcedureWhite Papers18181818pdf Rev B .pdf282 Kb-15


 8/30/2006LogicLoader for the LH79524 Card EngineLogicLoader23612361zip 2.0.8 .zip378 Kb01
 3/2/2005LH79524-10 LogicLoader Addendum - Memory Map and Hardware InformationLogicLoader23592359pdf Rev A .pdf497 Kb-15
 5/23/2006LogicLoader Command Description Manual (LoLo Ver. 2.0)LogicLoader20442044pdf Rev C .pdf232 Kb-15
 9/13/2005LogicLoader User Manual (LoLo Ver. 2.0)LogicLoader20472047pdf Rev K .pdf357 Kb-15
 6/8/2005Files to restore Logicloader to the LH79524 Card EngineLogicLoader23662366zip Note .zip50 Kb07

Software Development Tools

 3/11/2005Cygwin InstallerSoftware Development Tools16641664zip Note .zip30.6 Mb05
 1/25/2007GNU Cross Development ToolsSoftware Development Tools16651665exe v3.1 .exe11 bytes05
 1/25/2007GNU Cross Development Tools ReadMeSoftware Development Tools16661666txt v3.1 .txt1 Kb05
 8/16/2004multi-ICE & Cygwin Tools to restore LogicLoaderSoftware Development Tools22102210zip Note .zip850 Kb05
 12/7/2005Raw Binary File Assembler ApplicationSoftware Development Tools15131513zip Note .zip20 Kb05
 11/13/2009Tera TermSoftware Development Tools14201420zip v4.63 .zip7.0 Mb-15
 8/20/2007Zoom Sample ApplicationSoftware Development Tools18191819zip 2.3.5 .zip70 Kb05