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This page shows all downloads for the Geode NX Single Board Computer (SBC).

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Product Information

 6/19/2014Zoom 4.3 WQVGA Display Kit BriefProduct Information15501550pdf Rev A .pdf121 Kb-18

Hardware Design Files

 4/12/2006Geode NX SBC BOMHardware Design Files19431943pdf Rev A .pdf2.3 Mb05
 4/12/2006Geode NX SBC LayoutHardware Design Files19441944pdf Rev A .pdf3.7 Mb05
 4/12/2006Geode NX SBC SchematicHardware Design Files19451945pdf Rev 5 .pdf691 Kb05

User Manuals

 12/14/2005Zoom Geode NX QuickStart GuideUser Manuals19461946pdf Rev A .pdf454 Kb-15
 12/14/2005Zoom Geode NX User's ManualUser Manuals19471947pdf Rev A .pdf1.4 Mb-15
 4/27/2009Zoom Display Kit QuickStart Guide (3.6, 6.4, & 12.1)User Manuals16711671pdf Rev J .pdf1.8 Mb-18

Application Notes

 12/14/2005AN 306 LCD Level Shifting on Geode NX DB1500 SBCApplication Notes19481948pdf Rev A .pdf77 Kb-15

White Papers

 1/24/2006WP 312 USB Flash Drive Usage with Windows CEWhite Papers16611661pdf Rev A .pdf32 Kb-15
 6/29/2006WP 325 Geode NX SBC Radiated Emissions ScanWhite Papers19491949pdf Rev A .pdf215 Kb-15